Lucid Games is working on Triple A from an important IP address for PlayStation, for the new console –

Lucid GamesDestruction Allstars, software house, is working on a Triple A program for PS5, belong toImportant intellectual property Play Station. At least that’s what you get from the developer’s LinkedIn profile, Drew Williams Rostronwho worked for a year and three months asLeading unannounced first-party IP AAA tech game designer for PlayStation 5Inside Lucid Games.

Naturally, everyone immediately pointed the accusing finger at a new Twisted Metal, which has been centered by many voices in the recent past and appears to have been assigned to Lucid Games. After all, what better studio to make, given its recent title?

Of course you don’t take this Information As confirmation, but the fact that it was found in the developer’s bio still gives it some importance. However, we are waiting for Sony to announce the game to give it more substance.

For the rest, while we wait to find out more, we can try to give Destruction AllStars another chance, which vanished from the radar a few weeks after launch (perhaps the least mentioned and memorable PS5 exclusive).

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