Car seats, here are the most dangerous ones according to Altroconsumo: if you have them, don’t use them

Car seats, here are the most dangerous ones according to Altroconsumo: if you have them, don’t use them

It is necessary to transport the child safely, there are many types of car seats. Here are the things you should absolutely avoid

Although until a few decades ago children were free to roam around in the car without problems and, at times, were even allowed to take off their seat belts, today all of that has become a utopia. Know the risks to children in the event of an accident, especially if they are unrestrained and not adequately protected, Car seats are now mandatoryWhich must be approved by regulations and must have specific seats and safety devices. Here, for Altroconsumo, which are the most dangerous.

Car seat: Altroconsumo rating of the most dangerous (

Article 172 of the Traffic Law It deals with the issue of carriage of children by car and specifies what each parent, guardian and person in that role must do when traveling with an infant on board. According to the law, children under one meter fifty in height must be secured in a seat fitted with a child restraint system, a child seat: this must be appropriate to their weight and type of transport and must comply with all applicable regulations by the Ministry. So here it is All you need to know about it And according to Altroconsumo, which devices are the least secure.

Child car seat: legislation

The height that distinguishes the child seat is fifty-one metres: those who exceed it can remain in the car without using the special seat and can also sit on the front seat. those who have not yet reached it and who are under the age of 12, A car seat must be used: If you don’t, you’re liable to be fined. According to UNECE Regulation 44, child seats are divided into 4 groups according to the weight of the children:

  • Group 0, up to 10 kg thus approximately to the year of life, also called nacelles;
  • Group 0+, up to 13 kg Thus, until about 18 months, they are the little eggs;
  • Group 1, from 9 to 18 kg And so up to 4 years: it is attached to the passenger seats with a seat belt;
  • Group 2, 15 to 25 kg And so up to 6 years old: seats with backrests and armrests;
  • Group B, from 22 to 36 kg Thus up to 12 years old: simple seats with boosters and backrests, which raise the child so that he can use the car seat belts.
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Child car seat: legislation
Child car seat: legislation and all categories based on weight (

clearly, The most important factor is weight, not age It is important to adjust the seat as the child grows, as this determines its safety during transportation. Moreover, in 2017, a new law mandated that all children under 1.25m A booster seat must be used: Only those above this height can use one without a backrest.

How to choose the right car seat

First of all, when you have to buy a car seat, it is always best to go to a specialized center, which can indicate which model best suits your needs. In any case, it is on every device Label showing all specifications from the seat. “worldwide“is the abbreviation indicating that this product is suitable for all vehicles while in use”kg The maximum weight supported by the device is indicated.

Car seat, how to choose the right seat
Choose the right car seat by reading the label (

and + nomeans the approval mark of the European Union and the country that gave approval, while04 + other numbersIndicates the standard to which this particular product complies: the latest is 04. The International Standard System for Fixing a Child Car Seat in a Vehicle is Isofix, more efficient And secure the seat belt because it connects the entire body of the seat to the vehicle.

The least secure car seat according to Altroconsumo

After giving you a little bit of the world of car seats, during which you will understand how wide the choices are and also how difficult it is to rely on products of real quality, we want to reveal which seats are the least safe according to Altroconsumo. The first seat that is considered dangerous is Graco Junior Maxi, due to the backrest not being height adjustable and therefore usable only from 22 kg and from 1.25 m onwards. until the Mifold Grab & Go It did not pass the tests because it does not have any protection in the event of a side collision.

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What are the least secure car seats?
Which car seats are the least secure: Altroconsumo speaks (

The noble also refused Foppapedretti Teknofix Because the seat belt passes through the abdomen, and thus becomes a risk of abdominal injury in the event of a frontal impact. In addition, Recaro Germany announced a product sales freeze Recaro Optia with Recaro SmartClick base And Recaro Zero 1 Because of the failure of the crash tests conducted in the laboratory: in the event of a frontal collision, the risks for the child are very serious because the seat detaches from the Isofix base and is thrown into the car. Same word as Jenny Grand Which showed, during crash testing, that its Isofix connections cannot withstand the forces they are subjected to and open in the event of an accident.

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