Ukraine, Kyiv services: “There are at least 3 official imitators of Putin”

Ukraine, Kyiv services: “There are at least 3 official imitators of Putin”

Russian President Vladimir Putin uses Three my husband at least replace him in public. This was stated in an interview with the Daily Mail by the head of Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Kirillo Budanov,

Ukrainian services identified in the past Putin impersonator who They replaced it on ‘special occasions’, but now it’s ‘normal practice’Budanov says. He continued, “We know at least three people who continue to appear, but we do not know their number,” noting that the three “underwent facelift.”

However, a fake Putin can be recognized with a keen eye. “What reveals to them is the height. It is visible in videos and photos. But also gestures, body language and earlobes, which are unique to each person ”, notes Budanov.

replica The Kremlin denies that Vladimir Putin uses a double pair at public events. “How can we just comment? illogicalIn response to reporters’ questions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said after Kyiv intelligence reported that there were at least three pairs used by the Russian leader.

The TASS news agency quoted the Kremlin’s response. In 2020, we read again, Putin announced that the idea of ​​using the multiplier for his own safety was mooted in the early 2000s, but was ignored.

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