Unlike the classic smartphone charger: everyone is obsessed with this tech gadget that makes life easier

Unlike the classic smartphone charger: everyone is obsessed with this tech gadget that makes life easier

Get rid of all chargers and power supplies: Since the arrival of this gadget for phones and computers, no one can do without it.

The world of telephony is so vast and diverse that it is often difficult to look for different power sources to charge our devices. And here the world of gadgets comes to meet us, making our lives easier with this amazing innovation from the world of technology.

More than just a charger: how powerful is this tech gadget! – Computer-Idea.it

This is no ordinary charger, but a very powerful supercharger. This tool is designed for all cases where we need it Charge multiple devices togetheri.e. computers, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc., etc.

The feature that impresses more than anything else is its power: we’re talking about a lot 300 watts. Incredible level if we consider that Most common chargers are not even a tenth as powerful.

Here a spontaneous question arises: What is the benefit of such a powerful charger? Is all this power really necessary? Let’s see more about this amazing piece of technology, Its price is probably the thing that surprises you more than anything else.

5-in-1 Supercharger: Price and Features

The charger that can change your life has its name UGREEN NEXOD: The name itself says it all, as it refers to an alien creature from whatever planet he knows. In fact, when seen this way it almost looks like a spaceship or a PC case, so it’s easy to understand The power it can provide Like this charger. But let’s find out in detail.

Supercharger discovery
This charger will change your life – Amazon screenshot – Computer-Idea.it

In fact, it’s not just the green name: choosing this amazing charger allows you to put aside all the power supplies for various phones, computers and tablets. Use all cables with just one adapter. A fairly environmentally friendly option, but also a smart one if you want to increase productivity and organization. This is actually the best ally for those who work frantically with many devices and do not want the tangle of cables, bulky power strips and excessive heat that each power supply emits. about that, The Nexode is also designed to reduce heat emitted, and it succeeds in doing so thanks to the two integrated GaN Ⅲ chips.

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So, It has 5 charging sockets (4 USB-C and 1 USB-A) in just a few centimeters It is the main feature provided by this supercharger, which can power all your devices together. If anyone is worried about excessive power if they connect a smartphone or smart watch, don’t worry: From first to last they are placed in descending order of strengthSo you always know where to plug in devices that need less power.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the price 269,99which is reduced by 60 euros with the discount on Amazon.

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