Apple’s SOS Satellite launches today in the US, next month in Europe

As Apple announced last week SOS launches via satellite on iPhone 14 To allow users the ability to contact emergency services even without a signal or phone network. It will be activated today in the United States and Canada, while for Europe we will have to wait until next month.

How does this service work? Thanks to Apple’s powerful compression technology, SOS Satellite allows you to send and receive messages even when there is practically no type of network. The message is transmitted manually to a satellite, so all one needs to do is be in a place with access to the sky.

The tool will ask users to fill out a very short questionnaire describing the emergency and then submit it. Emergency services will receive it, or in the event that they cannot receive messages, a special Apple center, which will place the call for you. Also, up to 10 iMessage contacts can be registered Who will receive a copy of the questionnaire for added security.

In addition to the questionnaire, SOS can also send you your Doctor IDIf you set this option. This can allow emergency responders to know in advance of any potentially related medical conditions.

There is one thing with this service though: While it’s great, it won’t be free. Users who purchased the iPhone 14 before its launch will be able to enjoy two years without paying, after which they will have to switch to a subscription service.Its cost is not yet known.

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