Cancellation 2022, last deadline of the year: when and how to pay

Cancellation 2022, last deadline of the year: when and how to pay

Scrap 2022: Less than a month until the last deadline of the year. By December 5, interested parties must complete the payment of scrapping installments due in 2022. Let us see in the following article the available payment channels.

Deadline for making payment Scrapping installments that expire in 2022 It’s following December 5bearing in mind I 5 days of blessing And the regular date specified in November 30.

Let’s see in detail how to pay Amounts due.

Clip 2022: When does it expire?

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to me Scrapping installments due in 2022 It will be possible to pay the amounts due in one solution within the next solution December 5. The normal deadline was set by the legislator on November 30, but taking into account i 5 days of grace Taxpayers will have a few more days to sort out their situation.

In fact, the Revenue Agency-Collection noted, in a press release on their website, that:

The law transforming the Sostegni-ter Decree (Law 25/2022) states that for installments due in 2022 (February 28, May 31, July 31 and November 30, 2022), repayment is considered timely if it is completed in full by November 30, 2022. And based on Article 3, paragraph 14 bis, of Legislative Decree 119/2018, the deadline is November 30, 2022. 5 days of graceso payment must be made by December 5 2022.

Whoever pays less than is due, or more than five days of forgiveness, decade From a subsidized payment plan and it is Unable to access new installments.

Scrapping 2022 installments: how to pay

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The Pay This must be done using i flyers Already sent by the Revenue Agency – Collect and indicate the original 2020 installments (February, May, July and November for clearance tertiary, March and July for balance and extracts). The payments through the following channels:

  • your bank;
  • Bancomat Payment Services Cbill Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) enabled;
  • your online banking services;
  • post offices;
  • Banca 5 SpA tobacco sellers;
  • sisal circles and Lottomatica;
  • the portal;
  • Equiclick application;
  • PagoPa platform;
  • Directly at the counters, but only by appointment (reservations are made on the site in the “Search for a counter and reservation” section).

Payment can also be made by Clearing of unspecified, specified, liquid and payable trade receivables Due for supplies, supplies, contracts and services to the general administration.

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