Ukraine, from US sanctions to Russia TV and Gazprombank CEOs

Ukraine, from US sanctions to Russia TV and Gazprombank CEOs

Sanctions on the three largest Moscow TV channels and executives of Gazprombank, through which most of Europe buys Russian gas, as well as 2,600 visa restrictions for Russian and Belarusian officials. I New measures announced by the United States against Russia, according to reports from the White House.

The US administration reports that the three TV networks sanctioned by the US today – Channel One Russia, Russian TV-1 and NTV Broadcasting – received more than $300 billion in advertising revenue from Western countries in the past year alone. Gazprombank executives target only the top management of the bank and not the financial institution as a whole. “We are not freezing Gazprombank’s assets or banning any transactions with Gazprombank,” a White House official said, but “we are sanctioning some of the top corporate executives.” The United States also imposed sanctions on Promtekhnologiya LLC, which produces weapons, such as used rifles. by Russian forces in Ukraine, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will no longer allow the export of uranium, plutonium or other nuclear products.

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