Hurricane Ida | Day by day hard day for Louisiana

Hurricane Ida |  Day by day hard day for Louisiana

Louisiana is struggling to recover from the hurricane Ida, The fifth strongest storm ever recorded in the United States. One million families are without electricity and drinking water and the situation could take days or weeks to recover.

Emily Plodio

Emily Plodio

The streets were turned into rivers. The traffic lights flipped. Collapsed walls. Swollen roofs … Katie Dublas did not sleep overnight from Sunday to Monday due to strong and especially noisy winds. “I’ve never seen such a severe storm. The wind has caused a lot of damage. Many trees have been uprooted and debris like fences and debris are everywhere on the ground,” said the New Orleans resident.

Photo courtesy of Katie Doubles

Katie Dublas

Katie Duplas’ house was not damaged or flooded. But with electricity and clean water likely to come back for several days, the woman was looking for a place for her family when she was interviewed on Monday. Press.

Hurricane winds Ida According to various sources, it reached 230 km / h to 240 km / h. The entire city of New Orleans was cut off from the power grid on Sunday evening. Due to COVID-19 running water pumps in already overcrowded hospitals and generators. In many cities, 911 is inactive. The New Orleans Emergency Communications Center wrote on Twitter that all those in need of help were advised to go to the nearest fire station.

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Bradley Wilson, who was staying with a friend in the French Quarter of New Orleans, says he was frightened by the force of the wind.

Photo by Bradley Wilson

Bradley Wilson

This is worse than a hurricane Katrina. The wind was so strong that it could be heard and felt on the concrete walls. We were afraid to open our doors and did not have the strength to close them.

Bradley Wilson

Only one death was reported in Priville, a suburb of Baton Rouge. The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the victim was struck by a broken tree. Rescue work was hampered by flooding, fallen trees or several roads cut by broken high voltage lines.

Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards of the Democrats called the damage done Ida To the power network. He said he expects the death toll to rise over the hours. On Monday, the White House said it had deployed 3,500 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) employees on the field. They distributed 3.4 million meals during the day.

From hurricane to hurricane

Louisianas have condemned the last-minute (out of 5) information received on the path of Type 4 hurricane. Thus, the authorities saidIda Mexico became the most powerful hurricane in the Gulf to arrange the forced evacuation of 390,000 people in New Orleans. Many of them do not have enough petrol to escape or money to get to a safe place.

Ida Landed 16 years, to date Katrina. The “monster” sank craters and deadly floods: on August 29, 2005, the hurricane killed 1,800 people. Officials in New Orleans point out that this system is significantly reinforced. Disaster.

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Early Monday, hurricane Ida It turned into a tropical storm and continued on its way to Mississippi, one of the poorest states in the United States.

With Agencies France-Press and the Associated Press

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