November 29, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“Anything Is Possible Tonight” is back with Stefano Di Martino

Evenings of Laughter and Joy will return to Rai 2 starting September 26 at 9.20pm with “Tonight Anything Is Possible,” the hit comedy show created in collaboration with Endemol Shine Italy, and hosted by Stefano Di Martino. Also confirmed by him in this eighth edition: Biagio Izzo, Francesco Paolantoni (exceptionally absent in the first episode) and impersonator Vincenzo de Lucia, who this week will imitate Millie Carlucci and Sandra Mello.
The theme of the first date will be “Everyone at School” and Rocco Siffredi, Andrea Pucci, Natalie Guetta, Herbert Ballerina, Valeria Grassi, Giovanni Esposito and Claudia Napolitano will be on stage at the Rai Auditorium in Naples. There are many tests and games in which everyone will have to try their hand, starting with the inevitable tilted room, with improvised drawings on the floor tilted 22.5 degrees. Among the other games from the first installment, there will also be Step Burger, Stand Back me Dance, Follow the Lip, Mimo without wires, and Do re Hurt. A dark room will be added to this great classic, a room only visible thanks to the infrared cameras that can be used as penance for some guests who will miss out on challenges during different games. The only rule for this good show stays the same: have fun.
Based on a format created by Satisfaction the Television Agency and licensed by Banijay Rights. Original music by David Dahan © Five Stars Publishing (International Publishing) “Tonight anything is possible” is a program written by Stefano Santucci, Paolo Mariconda, Gian Luca Bilardi, Riccardo Cassini, Annalisa Montaldo, Marco Pantaleo, Esther Rem Picci, Francesco Ricci and Stefano Sarcinelli. Directed by Sergio Colabona.

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