With Puigdemon just an informal meeting!

With Puigdemon just an informal meeting!

Another beautiful day of comparative television. Tuesday afternoon and night. In the face of Pedro Sanchez’s announcement that he would meet Carles Puigdemont, the television race was shaken. He will also meet Oriol Junqueras, but this meeting does not excite them much.

In A3 Noticias Vicente Valles shouted: “¡Sanchez is accelerating! He has assured without complications that he will meet with the fugitive Puigdemont and with Junqueras.” Oh! A3 never disappoints. His way of looking is predictable and does not deceive. This characteristic of Sanchez, with the addition of the phrase “and he does it without complications” – which is like saying without innovation – sums up this series’ dissatisfaction with the announced meetings. a VI Noticias, a succession of the same former empire, Cristina Saavedra and Rodrigo Blasquez, gave the news, but only in passing. No joy, no fear. They got over it very quickly. Different from what happened on TN Vespre (TV-3) by the distinguished Toni Cruanyes. “For the first time!” he confirmed, I think with great inner relief. In other words, joy because, for the first time! Since 2017, Sanchez and Puigdemont will meet.

Oddly enough, for the rest of that show created as a procedural trench, Està passant (TV-3), they said nothing. Not even a gag. Since Tony Soler is no longer directing, they may not have received the instructions. Not even a single joke is devoted to this meeting announced in El intermedio (La Sexta). And everything is a lie (four“I wanted to put him in handcuffs and now – they will meet and look at each other face to face!”, said Pilar Rahula, who was very happy, with the irresistible emotion that enters her when she talks about Puigdemont. Ahhh! She was overwhelmed with joy.

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In the face of these very disparate televised attacks, clarity suddenly came when I saw 1 From TVE Telediario. Ana Roldan presented the news, highlighting it briefly, but with an admirable purpose: “Informal conversation with Puigdemont.”

Exactly no need to say more. This is the key. With Aragones, institutional meeting. With Puigdemont, an informal meeting. Oh! Sánchez knows that Catalonia is represented by the state president, and no one else. The details of Waterloo are details of the votes received. A meeting, even with personal photos, so that there are souvenir photos, such as when you go on a trip abroad. Good viewing by TVE. How cunning Sanchez is.

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