Eduardo Donamaria, really let it slip: “I saw that I didn’t have a single 3 cm”

Eduardo Donamaria, really let it slip: “I saw that I didn’t have a single 3 cm”

Edoardo Donnamaria is a competitor in the current version of Big Brother VIP. He is being talked about because of his relationship with Antonella Fiordelesi.

In the past few hours, viewers have heard one of his sentences I was stunned by the content. On the web, however, someone is on his side. Here are all the details of the story.

Edoardo Donnamaria –

Eduardo later enters the house Big Brother VIP with Daniel Del Moro, but he managed to blend into the group. His lack of sympathy is evident Antonino Spinalbis, above all because of the friendship that binds the man with Antonella. In fact, after last week’s episode, the two locked themselves in a room to talk about her ex-husband, Gianluca Benincasa he’s at Eduardo was literally annoying.

Then they also had to deal with an entry Micol Encorvia, his ex-wife. Viewers appreciate that sister clisia He does everything to get close to the former seductress Temptation IslandBut every attempt is futile. Recently The boy first appeared in a way that did not go unnoticed. However, there are those who defend it.

This sentence was part of a larger letter.

In short words Edward Tavasi He was asking the two questions about their relationship and at one point Eduardo raised his voice by mentioning the so-called centimeters. In the comments on the video posted on Instagram of social users have hinted that the phrase was extrapolated from a speech given about their love story.

“Let’s say I watched the live broadcast and Eduardo Tavasi continued to harass Antonella and Eduardo” And the “I also followed the live broadcast and this sentence was part of a broader discourse that spoke of the love affair between Antonella and Eduardo, or of the friendship that would have to face the 9 test once they left and which Inside the house everything is filtered and muted!! “. Here’s what you can read in the comments of the post posted on the page Mondodelreality a few hours ago.

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It’s not her ex-husband.

As for Gianluca’s story, Francesco Schiofalo Speak while being interviewed He stated that her father interfered in their relationship to this extent to determine the fracture.

Antonella, Eduardo T, Eduardo D.  -
Antonella, Eduardo T, and Eduardo D. – Instagram Source –

Then on the other issue, it was clear: He’s not her ex, they had sex until the day before she entered the GF Vip’s house. They pretended to break up so she could enter the Gf Vip. Gianluca was wrong, he had to tell the truth But he couldn’t do that.”. How will this end? We just have to wait to find out.

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