Gasoline price, the big news finally arrives: the pain is over

Gasoline price, the big news finally arrives: the pain is over

How many times has the price of gasoline made us suffer in this period? Now, according to the latest news, the situation appears to be calming down. Let’s see specifically what happened and what is the news in the sector.

Making gasoline is the order of the day, and in terms of daily shoppinghas become the most controversial issue, given the majority Recent price increases. It now appears that there is a shift soon, with a situation that is changing and, in all likelihood, will change again. Let’s see, in more detail, a file new mode.

One of them is the dispensing pumps for different types of fuel at the service station.

The agony seems to be over for the millions of drivers who couldn’t easily get to New rates. Moreover, the ongoing cuts are promising. So what are the new prices for gasoline and other fuels, too? there Gasif ingested Self Modehas a current price around the reference 1675 euros per liter. to me dieselthe price, the same way, up 1780 euros per liter.

Of course, for the way Refueling servedThe ratesAs usual, they will be a little higher, to include the cost of the service itself. We are talking about 1,824 euros per liter for gasoline and 1,924 euros for diesel. What is the situation for other fuels? It must be said that price subordinate liquefied petroleum gashumble in and of itself no aroused Worry From the start, despite the high prices. And indeed, when he took power, the envy of many was directed at those who already owned an LPG car, so much so that many users began to inquire and consider the idea of ​​switching to this type of power.

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However, the price liquefied petroleum gasin the new configuration, go From 0.794 to 0.813According to the management brand. to me distributors qualitativePrice without logo 0.789 euros per liter. Then we have an average price methane The car, that goes From 2865 and 3349 euros per liter. If it is a distributor without logotestify to 1869 EUR per liter.

Averages of petrol and diesel

The line of refueling cars: for many motorists, the situation is much lighter, given the prices.

a’Similar identification can propose to Gasoline and diesel. We talked about average prices reference but how Did it spread? What are the prices between the different distribution chains? As for gasoline, its price varies between 1,659 and 1,682 euros per liter. As for diesel, the price per liter varies between 1755 and 1880 euros. The prices in question, without the logo, correspond to 1671 euros per liter and 1727 euros per liter. Always self service.

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