Gf Vip 6 Episode 21 Summary

Twenty-first episode of GF VIP 6, as always Alfonso Signorini And in the studio, in the role of opinion leaders, Sonia Bruganelli NS Adriana Volpi.

Full Episodes of Events: Two New Entries Maria Monet NS Patricia Pellegrino And offer to marry from Alessandro Russian, Friend Francesca Cipriani. The reality show date opened by calling, outside the red door, with Alessandro.

during the night dress Ceremony, Geocas Casilla NS Katia Ricciarelli They accepted many times. The friendship between the two instills a lot of joy and sympathy in both the roommates and the viewers.

in this days, Alex Bailey has changed his mind about Delia Duran. In particular, he no longer wanted his wife to enter a house, he said to protect their relationship and not expose themselves further. The actor also found collusion with Soleil rise He also saw a clip of Monday’s moment after Saturday night’s party. Gentlemen Then announce it Delia She is currently in quarantine because she will enter next Friday’s episode.

The MonsignorOne of the new competitors, came to the podium and announced that the VIP she liked the most Jukas While the most unpleasant ones Janmaria Antinolfi.

Manuel Portozzo in a a house subordinate Big brother She revealed her weaknesses. The boy received a surprise: met “The best part of himself” This is his best friend Alex Which encouraged him not to give up. Moreover also Aldo Montano I reached out to a pair of friends.

Maria I entered the Cinecittà loft from the place of confession and recognized her Francesca because Jukas Did not succeed.

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controversy between Soleil NS Jianmaria She was triggered by the comments of the Italian-American influencer in the last episode. over there worries I apologize if the speech was not understood, and emphasized that in such a materialistic society, the essence of a person should be taken into account more. who is complaining Antinulfi He boasted of conquering man through the materiality of things. Jianmaria He said that his social situation in the context in which they find themselves, especially in the beginning, was a safety for him. Lorenzo Amoroso, partner Manila NazaroteAnd In recent days, he criticized Sulli’s words And continue to live with her and others Fibonine To better express his opinion.

The syriani Talk about his bad past in the emotional sphere. Alessandro He entered the garden and asked his girlfriend to become the woman of his life. Alessandro: “I love you so much, and tonight I wanted to tell you this thing in my heart. I can’t be without you, you know I love you and I wish you would think the same and I want to be with you in my life. I basically wanted to ask you if you wanted to be my wife because I want to grow old with you and no one else. I love you!” Francesca Excited, she said yes and put on the ring.

princesses Selassie They have become three distinct competitors. And therefore, luluAnd Jessica NS Clarissa Separately, more than two months after the start of the program, they will continue their adventure in GF VIP 6.

Alex He received a reassuring message from his father and told him how his family was founded on solid values. There were no immunities established between the contestants and TV between them Carmen RussoAnd Jianmaria NS Soleil. The latter was the public’s favorite and was able to choose to keep the immunity for her or give it to another woman. over there worries make it immune ManilaWhile critics decided to restore immunity to Soleil.

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The Pellegrino He is the second new competitor and enters the living room in a house Talk to every cute competitor, while ClarissaAnd Soleil NS Sufi They hung at the entrance to the sect.

Momentary nomination that will only care about women. The outcome of this telecast will determine the preferred candidate who will judge another woman by sending her directly to,

Manila nominated Carmen. lulu He chose his card outside the maximum time allowed, so his vote was not accepted. Carmen nominated mirjanaAnd Francesca NS Sufi NS mirjana Instead they choose Katia. Nominations Jessica NS Katia they went to Sufi. Clarissa gave his voice to Francesca Finally Soleil nominated Sufi.

ALDO Eye TrevisanAnd JianmariaAnd Alex NS Manuel Chose Carmen. David gave his voice to mirjana. finally too Jukas decided to name Trevisan. Going to TV are: mirjanaAnd KatiaAnd Carmen NS Sufi.

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