Antonella Clerici, bad news for the presenter: there is a lot of pain

Antonella Clerici, bad news for the presenter: there is a lot of pain

Bad news for Antonella Clerici: it’s definitely not a good time for the famous presenter, and among the fans, anxiety is only growing.

Fans of the “It Always Showed Up” presenter could not help but worry after the latter’s statements. Antonella Clerici, one of the most loved and followed faces of Italian television, He is going through a rather delicate moment: She opened herself up to reveal to the viewers what had happened.

Bad news for Antonella Clerici: growing anxiety among fans (Instagramantoclerici) –

Famous for hosting some of the most popular programs among the public (we can mention among them “Dribbling”, “Unomattina”, “Chef Test”, “The Voice Senior” as well as the Sanremo Festival), Antonella Clerici is definitely One of the most popular TV characters of all time.

He made his debut in the entertainment world back in the 1980s, and over the course of the next decade, he enjoyed success at the helm of several rai sports radio shows. Today she is still loved by viewers who follow her faithfully between project and project. However, his presence on the small screen at the moment risks being jeopardized by a terrible accident.

Living acknowledgment of “It’s Always Noon”

Fame came to Antonella with the introduction of “Dribbling”, which was followed by “Domenica Sprint”. In the early 2000s, she was chosen to lead Test Chef which was an astonishing success. It is one of the programs that contributed much to her notoriety, to which she devoted herself for 16 years.

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Bad news for Antonella Clerici
Accident of the presenter of “It’s always noon” (Instagramantoclerici) –

Also, the audience was able to see her in such programs as “Affari Tuo” and “Ti lascio una canzone”. Until the last two are “The Voice Senior” and “The Voice Kids”, which he has been leading since the beginning of this year. But of all its programs, “It’s always noon” managed to conquer millions of viewers Keeping the latter company day in and day out.

It was launched after the “Test Chef” was cancelled. send He always focuses on the art of cooking and watches the participation of many guests, who share tricks and secrets of cooking with the audience, who participate in beautiful games and puzzles.

Specifically, during the episode of Tuesday, May 23, the presenter She allowed herself to go to a living confession, creates a great deal of fear among her fans, who are anxious at the thought of not being able to follow their sweetheart on TV. But what happened to the much-loved Antonella? This revelation came during Angela Frenda’s speech about the lives and deeds of celebrities.

Lyrics by Antonella Clerici: What happened to her?

As he was approaching the journalist, the landlady remarked: “I’m slow Angela because I also broke my ribs. The colleague quickly greeted her, saying that she fell a few days ago. As if that weren’t enough, Chef Michel Farrow was added to the two “unfortunate” people who injured himself during filming. In short, it was a date full of unexpected events.

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Despite the obvious pain in his walkIronically, Antonella added: “There is some macumbera here that I must find, for there is always one”. This, in fact, is not the first time that the presenter has dealt with injuries and illnesses.

Antonella Clerici fell
Intense pain by Antonella Clerici – (Photo Ansa)

At the end of last year, for example, she had to stop during the program after feeling ill. She herself made it clear to the fans that there was no cause for concern and that it was just fatigue: Rest, will help you start the week with a beautiful smile. His words were from the studio.

But this time, the situation looks more serious. Antonella did not provide further explanations and we do not know the reason behind her cracked ribs. However, we can say that It is by no means an ideal situation And that there are many complexities associated with it.

Concerns about the health of the presenter

There are many concerns, but it must be emphasized that it could be a minor accident due to trauma caused, for example, by a bad fall. There are different types of fractures and cracks, and healing usually takes between 3 to 4 weeks. But in the most serious cases it can reach 6. As a result, many are wondering if the presenter He will need to take his time Away from the spotlight.

Bad news for Antonella Clerici
Fears of fans of Antonella Clerici (Instagramantoclerici) –

While in the studio, Antonella made no secret of the pain she was feeling these days. Walking is more stressful for her And when you have to stand, you have to ask for support from the kitchen table. Speaking to Angela, she said that she was going through a difficult time, adding that she would rather spend the day at home, lying in her bed.

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The journalist, for her part, tried to find an explanation for what happened. Possibly, the lieutenant’s injury It was caused by too much haste. On the other hand, like any famous person, he always has to juggle one work commitment with another, and also find time to devote himself to his family: all this is by no means simple and obvious.

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