Mikel Barceló: Quantitative “Influencer” | notebook

Mikel Barceló: Quantitative “Influencer” |  notebook

Ten years after his death, historian Miquel Barceló Perillo died Perio (1939-2013) He reappeared on the tables of literary developments with a volume collecting all his novels. Under the title Velanitics circle (Anagrama, 2023), we find the two previous collections, enriched by the interesting text of an exhibition and an unpublished autobiographical novel, which, according to the foreword writer Emily Manzano, is “unfortunately incomplete, though not incomplete.” With the unanimous blessing of critics, on Friday evening, December 15, his native Philanitics hosted a unique presentation that served as a tribute.

Either to welcome the massive attendance or to revive the passion of the protagonist, the Els Tamarells Club acted as host with a mixed group in a portrait of the historian drawn by local illustrator Andrew Maimo – also the club's illustrator. piece dawn– With Barcelona fans – shirt of felanitxera footballer Mariona Caldente – and photos of the period presented by activist Bartomeu Mestre Palocho. At the table of authorities, publisher Isabel Obiols broke the monochromatic local alignment and was the first to take the floor to reconstruct the crossroads of coincidences and wills that crumpled in a long-persecuted publication.

Journalist Andrew Manresa Montserrat eardrum He took matters into his own hands with an interjection, to honor the lost friend, warned that he would be informed and distracted and with a drop of spoiled milk. On the one hand, it highlighted the literary values ​​of the work, both in terms of rhythm – able to combine ellipses with precise details – and language – rich and intelligible at the same time – and its echoes of pure philanthropy – with characters and places still recognizable today. On the other hand, he displayed an intellectually brilliant career that allowed him to form friendships with figures such as Jaime Gil de Biedma, Gabriel Ferrater, Juan Marcí, or María del Mar Bonet, a career that led him to professorships in New York and at the University of California. UAB, which distinguished him as an innovative researcher interested in Andalusian societies and the extermination of non-European civilizations.

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Just landed from Paris and was presented as an honorary partner of the club, the artist Mikel Barcelo Artigas Cordela He was the surprise guest of the show. Beyond the homophone – the excuse on which the historian relies Mikel Barcelo Seen by Mikel Barcelo-, The “young” Barceló – who is also the author of the book’s cover – did not hesitate to place all of the “old” Barceló’s works, historical and narrative, within a literary continuum. After publishing only 18 collections of poems So be it (1957), Berriot would cede the poetic world to his colleague Vilanitxer – and his initials – Mikel Pauca, and only at the end of his life, after he had completed the research phase, would he return to strict creativity. Even Cordella wasn't about to reveal MB's unfinished project for a titled book Destruction materials About erasing Mallorca's Islamic past.

Finally, Coloma Barceló Fontanals closed the event on behalf of the family. Without being overcome by emotion and after thanking him, he picked up the threads thrown by his father's friends to point out how important and decisive, even though he had lived most of his youth and adult life outside Majorca, the Beatija de Villanitx was. True to form, Timpano emphasizes Berion's influence over several generations, while Cordella maintains that the character is fixed at the age of ten and then everything becomes a simulation: only the age of the narrator of the last part of the book, Winter of 1947 in the city. For the daughter, this ability to transcend time and space required resorting to explanations of quantum physics, and at the same time, the ability to distinguish people from such different regions brought her closer to the present. Influencers. The circle was closing.

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