Japanese food | This is Nobu Barcelona, ​​the Japanese cuisine restaurant with the best views

Japanese food |  This is Nobu Barcelona, ​​the Japanese cuisine restaurant with the best views

the Japanese cuisine It has conquered the hearts of diners all over the world. Their dishes are transported tradition, at the same time with creativity. Barcelona has always been the ideal place to develop this type of cuisine due to its cosmopolitan character. In the prefectural town, there are thousands of options, but if you have to highlight a reference point in Japanese cuisine, this is undoubtedly the perfect place. Nobu Barcelona.

the Nobu Matsuhisa brand hotel and restaurant I arrived in Barcelona in 2019 with a proposal that succeeded around the world. A concept that has been around for 30 years since its opening The chain's first restaurant in New York. Located at the top of Nobu Hotel Barcelonanext to lSants stationhe Nobu Barcelona She has conquered the city with a cuisine that is both a unique experience for the senses A perfect place with majestic views.

Nobu Barcelona renews its list

Carlos GomezThe Executive Chef of Nobu Barcelona Hotel and his team, They have renewed the message from head to toe. Since last March 1 11 new dishes added and some Monthly special options to cover every section of the kitchenthe follower Sushi bar to pastry section.

The new menu at Nobu Barcelona is one A gastronomic route through Spain, without forgetting the Japanese traditions in its preparation. This shows dishes like Grilled lamb anticucho miso From Aranda del Duero, Cantabrian rap with Nori Misohe Slow-braised Mediterranean sea bass with accompanying aguachilethe Galician scallops inside tacos with mustard ponzuhe Toru TobanyakiIt is cooked in a ceramic dish and served directly from the stove. Or the Tuna Almirada de Cádiz.

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Nobu has also taken into account vegetarian diets and has incorporated dishes like Tofu Mascarpone Miso. Vegetarians also have their place with new suggestions like White Miso with Grilled Shallots and Cauliflower with Shisoma Sauce.

Monthly dishes from Nobu Barcelona

Its monthly productions also follow the same approach, giving priority to Local product she has Freshness and quality. For example, Onagi Tamago Uses Snakes from the Ebro Delta To prepare it, Grilled octopus served with corn mash and miso anticucho Comes directly from Galiciaor the Grilled toro tosazu truffles with wasabi sauce Which enhances the tuna.

One of these special dishes is Sugar cod with crispy garlic sauce. A unique dish made from one of the most unique fish on the planet, which is caught in the Norwegian Lofoten Islands.

New wines and cocktails at Nobu Barcelona

Food would be nothing without a good pairing. At Nobu Barcelona they know this and that is why they rely on it References of national and international origin Which includes wine Of low interventionThat is, without filters and without additives; I Orange wine. Best companions for meals you prepare on your stove.

the Cocktail menu It has also been revamped with classic styles incorporating Japanese ingredients. A very clear example of this combination Smokey Japanese HighballWhich combines Japanese whisky, or smoke at the same time with a refreshing blend Sakura and tobacco liqueur with dry vermouth and ginger beer. Those looking for floral, citrus flavors and a sweet touch, at Nobu Barcelona prepare White Cotton Cloud. With vodka, elderflower and yuzu sorbet.

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To enjoy the Nobu Barcelona experience you can Reserve your table at this link.

Nobu Barcelona experience

Nobu Hotel Barcelona is defined by three concepts: passionate service, distinctive design and understated luxury. Since opening its doors in 2019, it has been a part of the vibrant activity The reality of the Catalan capital. It features 259 rooms and suites with stunning views of the provincial city, spaces designed for events and meetings, as well as a gym and elegant spa.

Laney 2023 Opening of the highest “rooftop” in Barcelona With a pool, bar, lounge area and the best 360 degree views of the city. The space with Japanese-inspired décor is open to the public, regardless of whether they are staying at the hotel or not.

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