View some VIPs on Nikita Pelizon – VIP Big Brother

View some VIPs on Nikita Pelizon – VIP Big Brother
Nikita He didn’t even wish me a Happy New Year.” he claims Yael In the kitchen, A.J WilmaAnd the Nicole And the Oriana. The contestant complains that after the nominations for the last episode, where she and Nikita nominated each other, their relationship came to a complete halt.

Oriana, like Jael, feels her relationship with Nikita has died out and no longer has problems sleeping with her onestini. Last night, the VIP and Nicole invited her and Nicole to sleep in Latvia, but the VIP avoided it, but now, the influencer seems to have changed his mind and says: “I love tonight”.

This choice stems from Nikita’s behavior during the argument between Oriana and Dana, the competition was going to take her partner’s side in bed.

The three contestants tell Wilma about some model-related happenings and Nicole claims that Nikita is playing a new game, getting close to some people in the house. Jaelle tells that she saw her flirting with men to annoy Onestini.

The singer claims that this is already known behavior, but the competitor is no longer interested in the model.

A little later, they also joined the conversation Tavasi and Onestini. The influencer says that during the discussion in the room, Nikita was smiling in front of the clash between the two competitors and this factor makes Oriana angry. Nicole advises her to be smarter and not lash out, or she will always be blamed.

The night seems restless, waking up in the house what will it look like?

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