Nursing between art, science, and respect: a comparison of professionals

Nursing between art, science, and respect: a comparison of professionals

A day to highlight central topics not only in nursing but also in general, ‘time to care’. With these objectives, the conference “Nursing: Art, Science and Respect”, organized by the Massa Carrara Nursing Professions Union following what was proposed by the National Federation of Nurses Day, will open on the 9th today in the Palazzo Ducale. “This year, the slogan chosen by Phnobi was ‘The Talent of Nurses’. Art and science in evolution “- explains the head of the organization Luca Vialdini (pictured) – it all starts with the” Capitals of Culture Bergamo and Brescia 2023 “which has organized a series of events in both cities to exchange broad thinking on important issues”. Hence the idea of ​​bringing this thinking also to Massa Carrara, whose arrangement is one of the smallest organizations in Italy with 1840 members in the register, but which has “the enthusiasm and commitment to present great initiatives in our region, for the development of the nursing profession and the health of citizens”.

“Every day – continues Vialdini – we nurses are witnesses, in the hospital and on the territory, to stories and emotions. The nursing profession is steeped in culture, science, social and societal importance and the presence of nurses is a constant quality of the life of all citizens. For this reason, the high level of professionalism and importance must always be recognized The social and cultural highs that nurses carry.” During the congress, sponsored by Fnopi, after the greetings of Prefect Guido Aprea and other authorities, nurses from all over Italy and various professionals from the Apuane Hospital, the Heart Hospital and Lunigiana will take turns, who will deal in different departments with the number of the specialist nurse, of the art of assistance, of the value of science and training. There will also be testimonials from nurses who have worked on humanitarian missions abroad and a focus on the issue of violence against healthcare workers.

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“We are concerned about this – explains Vialdini -. There is no shortage of episodes of verbal and physical abuse in our health facilities. We will always be on the side of the citizens, but we can no longer accept such episodes”. At the end of the day, nursing research projects that have been employed will also be awarded through tender in order to continue to stimulate scientific production in our region.

Alessandro Salvetti

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