Head to head between Greta Rossetti and Perla Fatero – Big Brother 2023

Head to head between Greta Rossetti and Perla Fatero – Big Brother 2023

Access Pearl In the studio surrounded by tears due to the pain that has been going on for some time. These first days at home were very honest to her, and full of comparisons to her MirkoFrom returning to the past, to those mistakes that destroyed their history.

Alfonso Signorini immediately asks the rival how difficult this adventure will be for her. The girl admits that she realized that her feelings for the businessman have definitely not died yet, but she admits that she still feels very hurt by the past:“The breakup caused me a lot of pain.”. He explains: “I’m cold towards him, it’s true, but now I need to think about myself.”. She entered this game to find herself and living with him is not easy: “The situation is not easy, it is not easy to manage all this.”.

After a short conversation with the host, it’s time for Perla to come face to face with someone who has something to say to her: Greta.

“I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry to see you like that and I apologize. Maybe I realized that I should have understood you more.” The girl begins. She says that she is sorry for the hatred that has arisen between them because of a man, and for this very reason, she would like to put a final end to this story.

Perla says she never had any problems with him, but explains that she only felt very resentful towards Mirko because of what he did during Temptation Island: “I have always shown respect towards you. My disappointment goes back to what Mirko did.”

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Certain that the boy still loves Perla, it is at this point that Greta admits that she wants to officially end their relationship: “I see Mirko is in love with her.” He explains. Moreover, before the final farewell, the girl takes this moment to wish her good luck in everything and concludes: “I hope you can be happy with or without him.”

After thanking her for the apologies she received, Perla also takes the moment to wish her the best and pray for her to be happy regardless of Mirko.

Curiously, before sending the girls away, Alfonso Perla asked: “If you were Greta, how would you react?”

“I would have done the same thing” The competitor responds frankly.

“Do you see a future between her and Mirko?” Then the host continues.

“No,” Perla answers, bringing the discussion to a close.

One thing is certain: this face-to-face meeting pushed the two women toward a final truce. But how did Mirko react to this comparison?

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