Annalisa, plastic surgery after Amici? The difference is huge, and fans were shocked

Annalisa, plastic surgery after Amici?  The difference is huge, and fans were shocked

Has Annalisa allowed herself some plastic surgery adjustments? After Amici, the drastic change that made her different from what she was before. A clear difference left everyone speechless.

We all sang the Summer Slogan this past summer Tropicana sung by Annalisa and Bomdabash. The song was the soundtrack to many Italian coasts, the first summer smelling of normalcy two years after the pandemic. Summer tours also resumed and Annalisa and Boomdabash performed live like many other singers in this recovery period.

This is a very lucky period for Annalisa who recently came out with her new single Bellissima and the tour is still going on in full force and the October dates for Bologna and Florence have just been announced. A very successful tour.

Certainly Annalisa, besides being a talented singer, she is also a beautiful woman who is admired by everyone, both men and women. Of course, like many celebrities, Annalisa appears on social media and is subject to fan comments. One thought in particular seems to pass on among her followers that she would have undergone some minor plastic surgery tweaks. Could it be true?

Annalisa and plastic surgery after Amici

Annalisa is very shy and this aspect of her personality she never hides, instead of speaking, she prefers to sing, an area that she does best, because she can be informal, as she herself declared: “I’m afraid to say nonsense, I feel ashamed. I say things that don’t make sense, I don’t understand anything anymore and I just want to sing because that’s the only thing I can do”.

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As you’ll remember, Annalisa’s beginnings were, for her too, with Amici in the 2010 edition and these words we brought back to you are testimonial from little Annalisa, then 25 and her first exposure with the media. A humble girl who was never a singer but above all she never hid her fears and limitations.

However, as we told you, those who have followed it from the start claim to have noticed a change, presumably due to some small tweaks in plastic surgery. But is this information correct?

It really seems that no, no surgical instrument has come into contact with Annalisa’s face, which maintains its natural beauty without “tricks”.

But on the question, Annalisa has already expressed her opinion, defending her nature and claiming, to those who asked her, the fact that she never resorted to any redaction: “I didn’t do anything again, let’s not joke, you’re crazy”. A scathing answer leaves no room for jokes to be answered, and removes any doubt in the question.

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