Calenzano “180 seconds of science”: a challenge among researchers

Calenzano “180 seconds of science”: a challenge among researchers
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180 seconds of science‘, 3 minutes where researchers from the National Research Council – CNR in Florence have to persuade a jury made up of journalists, readers and young people. The challenge will take place on Thursday, September 29 at 6 pm at the CiviCa Library in Calenzano, as part of the European Night for Researchers – Bright Night 2022 – In Tuscany (Free event, reservation required on 05588421) The winner will participate in the Bright Night Show and Demonstrate event in Florence on September 30. However, the aim of this competition is primarily to prove to young people and citizens that their work is more diverse, expressive, stimulating and fun than you think.

One of the themes of the evening will be the LeDIS-Lèggi di Scienza, a project to promote scientific culture through reading that started last July, which sees the CNR region of Florence as a partner, through an agreement between the Institute of BioEconomics, the “Nello Carrara” Institute of Applied Physics and the Institute of Chemistry of Organic Compounds Mineral, and the municipality of Calenzano through the CiviCa Library and sub-part of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, VIS – Virtual immersion in science.
By utilizing new technologies applied to reading, such as augmented reality, and creating a 360-degree multimedia reading experience through the use of videos, podcasts and live events, LeDIS wants to promote the dissemination of scholarly culture and at the same time, encourage reading, placing the library at the center as a place for discovery and collection. The project, which was appointed by a researcher, was funded by the Tuscany region and is part of Giovanisì.

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“Our CiviCa – Culture consultant announces – It is a regional reference and with this two-year project we also want to be a place for scholarly publishing. The goal, through the “180 Seconds of Science” event and with LeDIS, is specifically to give the opportunity to approach these issues in a familiar setting like the library.”

“Since years – Announces Roberto Beni Head of the CNR Research Area in Florence – We collaborate with many realities in the region, public authorities and companies but also with schools in the region so that we can connect children with science. These initiatives are specifically aimed at strengthening this bond of mutual knowledge with the aim of promoting a scientific culture that should be the cornerstone of democratic participation for today’s societies. It is even more important to do it with books and the library.”

Giorgio Mattucci, Director of the Institute for Bioeconomics explains: For the CNR IBE, cooperation with the Calenzano municipality is not new, we already have ongoing initiatives on olive biodiversity and support for the Calenzano Biological District project and environmental education activities with local schools. LeDIS can only enhance these initiatives by enriching them with other ideas related to books and reading.”

“Paper and digital – Comments by Marcos Valdes, Director of VIS srl, Partner of LeDiS – They can find in dialogue and integration a complementary dimension that enriches the usability of the contents. We believe that facing the realities of innovation, as well as the academic and library environment, will be an opportunity for the research fellow’s professional growth.

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