Car market is growing, Stellantis are selling more – breaking news

Car market is growing, Stellantis are selling more – breaking news

The Italian car market is still growing. In September – according to data from the Ministry of Transport – 136,283 cars were registered, an increase of 22.78% over the same month in 2022. Since the beginning of the year, a total of 1,176,882 cars were sold, an increase of 20% (57% over the same period last year), but Down 19.8% compared to 2019. The Stellantis Group in Italy in September – according to Dataforce calculations – registered 44,406 vehicles, 24.8% more than in the same month of 2022, a greater increase than recorded by the market (+22.78%). The market share increases from 32 to 32.5%. Among Jeep brands, volumes doubled during the month and market share approached 5%. The Center for Promotion Studies, headed by Gian Primo Cogliano, attributes the growth of the market “to a significant extent to car registrations, that is, to dealer registrations of new cars intended for the zero-kilometre used market”: in September there were 17,200 cars. Since January 99,286. “In Italy we have more and more older cars,” Quagliano explains. For Honori’s president, Michele Cressi, “it is becoming increasingly urgent to develop a clear and timely plan by the government to define the path that Italy intends to follow in the green transition, and to review the current system of incentives to make them more usable and better targeted.” To the European objectives, useful for a rapid renewal of the park, intended for all companies, reviewing the rules and restoring the remains of 2022 and the almost unified ones of 2023.”

Electric cars begin to decline again, after the good result in August, and lose market share: pure electric cars stop at 3.6% of registrations and plug-in ones at 4%, resulting in 7.6% of the total share of “rechargeable” cars. . “Models. Among the emerging brands, Tesla contributed to this slowdown, recording -25% in September despite the fact that its sales volume has tripled since the beginning of the year.

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