Andrea Zelita, former fiancée of men and women in serious bereavement / “I love you, my angel”

Andrea Zelita, former fiancée of men and women in serious bereavement / “I love you, my angel”

Men and women, a former fiancé suffers from her mother’s disappearance

These are difficult hours for a former face men and women And her loyal supporters, she is the former suitor and final contender for the classic throne Andrea ZelitaAnd the Claudia Poznanska. Not choosing Andrea Zelletta, who preferred the chosen one and his current partner over Klaudia Natalia ParagoniOn social media, she conveyed a touching message full of pain, for the loss of his mother, who passed away suddenly. The woman who passed away these days represented everything to Klaudia and also intervened in a recorded external message for men and women between Andrea Zelita and her daughter who now remembers her within Instagram Stories.

The touching message of Andrea Zelta’s ex-fiancé

“Protect me from there, mom – you’re reading between the lines touching message Released publicly by Klaudia Poznanska and shared with followers of the influencer – I’ll Fight for You Until the Rest of My Days. All I will do will be only for the sake of the wonderful woman who raised me.” So, the pained message of the former suitor continues with the words of an important promise addressed to the bereaved mother: “You will be proud of me, I promise.” And again, finally: “I love you, my angel.” Touching dedication , in these hours marked by men and women on hold due to the current summer holidays, the members of the network, especially loyal supporters of Maria De Filippi’s dating offer, who followed the events of the throne with enthusiasm led by Andrea Zelita and the farewell words of the then tronista addressed to the lack of choice, dictated by appreciation and affection, are moved by Related to Klaudia.For Claudia, it wasn’t easy not to reveal the former Gf vip 5’s choice jokingly “bedside table” for the house, Andrea Zelita, even if he could console her with the thought that the former tronista still made it.A steady couple with Natalia The chosen one is Paragoni, a sign that the two lovers really do for each other.

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