Branco Horoscope Today, Wednesday, December 7, 2022: The complete horoscope is for you

Branco Horoscope Today, Wednesday, December 7, 2022: The complete horoscope is for you


You can experience healing using your personal strength and firmness with Chiron in your sign (Solar or Ascendant). Aligning your mind and emotions with a strong faith purpose allows you to use personal power, yet with meaning. Mars, your ruler, is retrograde and asks you to be thoughtful before you act. Have faith to bring back meaning to your true purpose in life.


Your mind, emotions, and values ​​undergo a beneficial transformation and recycling process. Have faith that things are changing for the better. Self and anger issues that have been suppressed have the ability to heal now in a very helpful and easy way. Look for sharing and expansion, but without losing a sense of individuality.


There is now a strong drive to connect with others. Your mind, emotions, and values ​​align with the need to expand your connection with others. This facilitates the healing of the need to belong to groups and friendships, but without losing a sense of individuality. Be open to listening to each other and looking for more harmonious and optimistic solutions.


There is now an intense alignment of emotions, values, and ideas related to the physical plane. You will be more optimistic with ideas about how you are going to do your job and this will facilitate the recovery of a sense of professional autonomy and the ability to succeed in the world. Healing energy is also highly mobilized; Assume its healing power with your optimistic faith and action.


You are now undergoing beneficial healing related to future goals and objectives. There is a strong alignment of feelings, values, and ideas in your personal and creative expression, all of which make it easier for you to be yourself and seek new goals and objectives. Heal a sense of faith in the many possibilities of self-expression, creativity, and personal power.

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The Moment offers great and beneficial therapy for your emotional sector. Your emotional impulses are intense. Passion, reason, and values ​​align with emotional action and the need to belong, love, and be loved. All of this favors healing co-life, sexuality, and true transformative movements.

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The day carries a strong association of emotion, reason, and values ​​in the social and mental realms. This promotes healing in the sense of social action, connection with others, partnerships and romantic love. You are open to dialogue and listening to the other in their pains and needs, which facilitates mutual understanding and provides common possibilities.

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The day brings a strong alignment of values, emotions, and intellect in your physical and financial areas. You are reminded that you must cultivate your sense of self-worth, and this facilitates the healing of your sense of agency in work and service. Appreciate yourself and use it to grow and expand your possibilities for material and objective action.


The Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in your sign (solar or bright) bring you powerful personal impulses, aligning feelings, reason, values, and substance in personal expression and performance. All of this facilitates healing using creativity and personal power. A very favorable moment to be yourself and express yourself authentically and true to your core.


The day brings you powerful emotional, unconscious, and/or spiritual impulses. Try to dedicate yourself to transitions and mental health, while recycling your feelings, mental problems and values. All this also facilitates the treatment of family and past problems, which leads to the right sense of individuality in these contexts. Optimism in emotional recovery.

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There is a strong convergence of feelings, ideas and values ​​applied to the group. You are strong and optimistic in your ability to help everyone (or many) progress. This facilitates healing related to communication, the exchange of ideas, communication, and thought processes. Now try to give space to express your sympathetic, human, and alternative side.


This is an excellent time to advance your professional talents and skills. You are in the process of processing your sense of self-worth and ability to generate income through your efforts and this has improved now. Trust your talent and professionalism. Aligning reason and emotion in the substance vibration of expansion and abundance.

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