July 2022 Best Offers

July 2022 Best Offers

Record increases in gas and electricity tariffs have been underway for months, to the point that the contradictory measures introduced by the government were not enough to avoid a major impact on Italian families’ accounts. But there are some offers that will allow you to save: Let’s see together the best of this month.

To find the most suitable offer for your needs, it is recommended to use comparison toolWhich allows you to simulate the bill starting with data such as the number of family members and the devices in the house.

See in the next article 4 light shows The most interesting on the market in July.

Trend House of Plenitude


abundance, Suggest gas and electric ex Eni Home trend, with the inclusion of green energy. The raw material cost is given by PUN + 0.0132 EUR / kWh. Offer includes:

  • one hour rate, the same every day at all times;
  • Unindexed price from ARERA;
  • Payment by direct debit to the current account;
  • Digital Invoice.

Edison World Los Plus


Edison, Instead, it is suggested Edison World Lossoffer at the unindexed price of ARERA including a The cost of energy is equal to the cost of the wholesale marketas well as the tariff type Once Fixed price every day at all times.

service Edison decides, Furthermore, it allows you to choose for free between receiving a digital or paper invoice and direct debiting from your existing account or by postal order.

Wekiwi power at the source

Step 6

the supplier wiki Suggest Energy In the source, An offer stating a price for electricity equal to the wholesale market price.

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Offer includes a non-indexed variable price for ARERA, at digital invoice And the ability to direct monthly bills directly to your checking account via direct debit.

By activating the offer also on Gas, Moreover, they were greeted 50 euro discount in the invoice.

Irene Revolution

Irene article

Finally, among the suppliers that offer the best deals on lighting component, we also find Irene, with offer Revolution Variable green light which features:

  • a 1 hour price
  • The price not registered in ARERA, at the cost of raw materials equal to PUN + 0.0331 € / kWh;
  • digital invoice
  • Direct debit from your checking account.

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