Ambra Angiolini reveals: ‘Scars are opportunities’

Overcoming a breakup is never easy. Doing this with the eyes of millions of people makes everything more difficult. but after Ambra Angiolini She tries, picking up the pieces of her broken heart and putting the pieces back together to move forward, minimizing comments on her personal story and letting only her work speak for her, between cinema, radio and theater.

Now the actress is talking about herself in an interview with messenger He relives his career, from his beginnings on TV as a hero to It’s not my opinionTo fight preconceived notions about him until he discovered acting and cinema. There is room for a different amber, away from the gossip, that highlights her personal growth, as a woman and a mother.

Ambra Angiolini, the sad but optimistic phrase

“Scars are opportunities. I happen to turn them thanks to the cinema,” Ambra admitted during the interview, explaining how her work has been helpful to expel what happened to her and to introduce thoughts and emotions into her characters, making her a true, credible human being.

pointing to Massimiliano Allegri and the stormy ending of their story, which is made more complicated by public display of betrayal It is the effects of gossip. Ambra’s response to a direct question: “I don’t want to broach this topic, I prefer to let my work speak for itself.” But from the lack of comment specifically, it is clear that the wound was still open and too deep to actually close and heal.

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Ambra Angiolini, bulimia and childbirth

During the interview, Ambra was not ashamed of her past, her moments of difficulty: she spoke openly about the bulimia she had suffered for years and which she managed to deal with. Now that she had overcome this ordeal, with strength and suffering, Ambra wanted to share the anguish she had felt in all those years and the awareness that It is possible to cure.

“Today I have a beautiful project that I deeply believe in: activating small theater workshops for students in Milan and focusing on eating disorders. I would like to make the girls understand how wrong the obsession with the body is that has ruined so many people. I wanted to publish the report that Ray had about my years 18: It started with a close-up shot of my butt and an announcement that I had finally lost the extra weight. Today I can’t even picture such a thing.”

Umbra, back to the cinema as a cube

In his last movie, The longest night of the yearin the dining room from January 27, Umbra plays the role of LuceA Cubist woman after many years, and a father who takes care of him (Alessandro Haber), wishes to change her life but it is not so simple and it seems that overcoming a long night is impossible. “I put myself in this desperate woman My pain and my experience“, I confess Republic.

In the spring we will see it again directed by Farzan Ozbek Foolish Fairies – Serieswhile currently working at theater tour with node. In short, there is no shortage of commitments even if it takes a while to regain serenity.

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