Disturbing Images Discovered by Gilletti – Libero Quotidiano

Corona virus is scary again Aprilia, in Latina County. Here the mayor had to extend the law mandating the obligation to use masks outdoors for at least another seven days. To document what is happening It’s not the ring On the channel La7, which broadcasts in the episode of Wednesday, November 24, images that leave no room for imagination. “Tonight we are returning to deal with the Covid-19 emergency pending government measures to contain the infection – reads the anticipation note for the program it conducted Massimo Gilletti -. We will also talk about the Aprilia case, the small town in Lazio where there is a fort Increase the positives The masks are back.”

In fact, the decision was made during a summit in the province and, depending on the trend of infection, could also be extended to fifteen days until December 5. The problem – explained the mayor, Antonio Terra – is that it is necessary to keep the alert level for Covid very high and not to abandon the normal measures stipulated in the protocol to avoid infection. Someone, especially in families, has relaxed so much, we must go back to following the basic rules we learned to know two years ago, which is why I decided, in agreement with the ASL, to sign this new decree.”

Meanwhile, the Cabinet announced the green light for the Super Green corridor: From December 6 to January 31Unvaccinated people (except for those who have recovered from Covid) will not be able to enter cinemas, theatres, stadiums, etc. The Green Corridor as we know it today will be necessary to take advantage of regional rail transport and local public transport.

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