Ana Brosio died, Paolo’s mother was 102 years old

Mourning the journalist and TV personality Paolo Brosio: in fact, she disappeared on Tuesday His mother is Anna Maracacci, who has also become a well-known face on the small screen over the yearsHe participated in many programs alongside his son.

The woman turned 102 on April 7, two days before Easter. Birthday on the occasion of hospitalization at the Versilia Hospital in Lido di Camaiore, where Anna was admitted to the emergency medicine department for a series of examinations on some clinical values. Paolo Brosio, on social media, posted a video in which Anna blew out cake candles in the hospital.

Last October, Paolo Brosio’s mother had a serious heart failure with consequent pulmonary edema and problems that were overcome, thanks to the timely intervention of the doctors.

“An intelligent, good and generous person who faced thousands of battles with great spirit and determination. Above all, with great faith and much prayer, he lived the traits of life as best he could.” This is how Ana Maracchi Brosio, who died today at the age of 102, remembers her son Paolo, journalist and TV personality. The bond between the two was very close and Brosio was also indebted for his conversion to his mother in 2009. Brosio then also created the non-profit organization Olympics of the Heart which is committed to giving aid to those in need and which carries out first aid at Marian quarters in Medjugorje. The Versiliana Foundation also expressed its condolences for the disappearance of Anna Maracci Bruzio, whose meetings he frequently visited. The funeral will take place on Friday the 21st at 3 pm in the church of Sant Maria Assunta e Francesco, via Trieste 1 in Vittoria Apana, in Forte dei Marmi (Lucca)

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Announcement in the morning 5

At Matino 5, Federica Panicucci calls out Anna. In animated voice at 10.30, the announcer wanted to announce this to the viewers of Canale 5: “At night, a few hours ago, Paolo Brosio’s mother, Anna, passed away. We remember her with affection and hug her to Paolo ». Then he asked the priest who was in the studio to say something: «I heard from Paolo last night and he asked me to pray. I did it with the reclusive nuns and we prayed for Anna, but above all for Paolo that God would help him in this moment ».


Anna Maracci Brosio was born in Marina di Pisa on April 7, 1921, between the two world wars: adolescence in Pisa and then moving to the countryside between Lari and Sevoli to escape the raids of the Nazi army. For some time, Anna, after thirty years spent in Piedmont. He lived in Vittoria Abuana, in the municipality of Forte dei Marmi, with his son, Paolo. A woman of great faithShe recounted several times over the years that she actually went to Medjugorje in the mid-1980s and then prayed that Paul would convert too.

Forte dei Marmi blacksmith

“What united Paolo with his mother, Anna, was a deep and special bond that we knew from the time they arrived from Piedmont to Vittoria our parents,” he says. Mayor Bruno Morzi of Forte dei Marmi – Mrs. Marcacci, together with Paolo, immediately integrated perfectly into our society, making us love each other. Our sincere condolences to Paolo, a man of faith but above all of great generosity towards others, with whom this administration had the opportunity to collaborate in major charitable events.

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