“flag of empire” to support Putin

“Basiliology as a science of empire”: the unusual terminology is part of the rhetoric with which Russian nationalists support Putin’s imperialism. The theory of the “historical Russian concept of empire” Its origins will be sunk into the dynasty of the Byzantine emperors, i Basile (from the Greek ασιλεὺς). On the eve of the new filling, it was The Flag of Empire was presented at a conference It was organized by a group of intellectuals and oligarchs associated with televangelism e web “Tsars” (the Slavic name for Constantinople) after their poll revealed that no less than a third of Russians opposed the war.

Their thesis is that Russia is still permeated by Western liberal ideology, so the time has come for that The imposition of the “traditional academics” school, based on the experience of the Center for Conservative Studies started by Aleksandr Dugin at the Faculty of Sociology of Lomonosov Moscow University. Develop the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe empire, and therefore this is the task of such ideologues as Konstantin Malofeev (who published the work “Empire” in three volumes) and Dugin himself (who joined the newer “Genesis and Empire”)..

Scientific knowledge on this subject already existed in history The “holy flag” on Caesars and earlier reigns, but needs to be revived. For Malofeev, empire “is the most important thing we don’t have today. We must realize it first in ourselves: otherwise we will never go back to being an empire. This is the starting point.” Sergey Glazyev, a researcher who still bears the socialist imprint of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is for an idealistic vision of the empire to affirm “Orthodox socialism,” a just society, with an important role for the state and public forms of ownership, at the same time based on Orthodox traditions and values Instead, the head of the Chechen Academy of Sciences, Jamalbulat Umarov, declared: «I am an imperialist at war and I want an empire of God’s anointed. And even if this anointed one of God is Orthodox, nothing prevents Chechen Muslims themselves, after taking an oath, from being faithful to him, from being faithful to the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe empire ».

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From the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Savva of Zelenograd repeated this The highest quality of the empire is that it finally became Christian. The supranational imperial nature was finally confirmed by Sergey Karpov, Dean of the History Faculty of Moscow Lomonosov University: In the Roman and Byzantine empires, people of different ethnic groups and religious views lived in peace and harmony (Yes!) And today the successor of these kingdoms is Russia, which can present itself as the “new Christian empire”. The conclusions are entrusted to a warning: The third Rome, Moscow, which inherited the empires of Rome and Constantinople, “must today prevent the whole world from falling into the abyss.».

The project brings civilization back to the centuries before the French Revolution and modern ideas of freedom and democracy: a Legendary potpourri to encourage new fills for “Holy War”which has not yet convinced the Russian people anyway.

by Maurizio Delle Santi

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