The phrase “hot” – Libero Quotidiano

The phrase “hot” – Libero Quotidiano

to Boomer come too arise. In fact, the singer was the protagonist of the last episode that aired last night. In fact, the singer spoke about her experience in San Remo and gave the audience a mix of her most famous works. But during the performance, the unimaginable happened on the stage of Boomerissima. In one of the two quizzes that the two teams, Boomers and Millennials, compete in, some questions are asked about Arisa. One such example relates to the parable of the red light that Arisa’s grandmother often repeats. But to put it right in the accent, Arisa called her mom from the studio late in the evening: “Hi? But I was asleep!” Was the mother’s answer.

Then a few moments of awkwardness: “Give me a minute…”. At this point, in a tone almost incomprehensible, Arisa’s mother said the proverb: “When the vineyard has yielded to the harvest, no one wants it anymore.” A famous saying, Arisa explains, is that generosity represents women. The words displaced and not a little public. And so Arisa specified: “Don’t believe these things, they are words from another era, today everything is different…”. and the Marcuse He sighed…

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