Borbo’s cousin destroys Letizia over photos of 20 years of marriage: “propaganda”

Borbo’s cousin destroys Letizia over photos of 20 years of marriage: “propaganda”

The Bourbons have two families, the royal And politics. With Marichalar and Urdangarin removed and Grecia removed, Ortiz Rocasolano remains. Ortiz’s family members can talk about 20 years of Felipe’s wedding, as he just did Country Remembering the slaps that took place on May 22, 2004 at the wedding of Letizia’s grandfather, Grandpa Ortiz, who insulted Grandpa Rocasolano, “Son of a bitch” Because the son, Jesús Ortiz, divorced his daughter, Paloma Rocasolano, and married another woman, Ana Togores. But we never see the Queen’s relatives speaking on TV. Instead, Felipe’s relatives, such as his cousin Burpo, speak Alessandro LecchioWho has the voice of every appearance on the program we will see In Telecinco this Tuesday wanted to focus on the nonsense that supposedly to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the wedding, the Kings are selling a 40-minute session with Eleonore and Sofia in the gardens of the Royal Palace, and not in the Zarzuela, where Felipe and Sofia are. Leticia She appears alone in the pictureAnd they don’t even look at the camera.

A unique photo of royalty alone for 20 years of marriage, EFE

Lovers holding each other by the waist, no Arm in arm as if they were colleagues. In all, there were 9 images that were widely studied but in no way focused on the royal couple. It all reeks of a hoax, and there is still no photo of Annie Leibovitz, who has been sleeping the dream of the righteous since February 7 and now appears to be seeing the light of day at the end of the year. For 20 years of marriage, kings have no formal law, Jaime del Burgo He threatens to post one of his incendiary tweets and for dessert he uploaded nine photos of the royal family Cash From the cousin of the aforementioned Bourbo, Lychia: “This pretense has nothing to do with openness to the media. It is giving the image you want to show because you think you look handsome. This openness has nothing to do with it. They announced unpublished photos and I thought they would do it. Pull out the archive, the secret album, and we” They offer a casual setting that only serves to decorate grandma’s room. “They are photos taken two days ago by advertising services.” Obviously, these were not unpublished photos, but new ones. It would be unprecedented to see photos of Letizia with Jaime del Burgo from ten years ago that have never seen the light of day before. Maybe Letizia’s lover will hang them tomorrow as a gift for 20 years.

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Lekio vs. Leticia, Telecinco

What will the Kings do for 20 years? they haveAn agenda without events No one rules out that they might go out to dinner or to the movies and pretend they are a normal couple. But it is possible that they will cancel any festive event because in a few days, in June, Felipe will complete 10 years as king, after which festive events are already being prepared, according to Mariangel Alcazar. Problem if they are from the royal branch of the family calling them vulgar “propaganda”. The Ortiz family seems to be the most critical of the Kings and it turns out they are Juan Carles branch The person who hates and crushes on Letizia also appears on TV.

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