“Always With Me”, The Unprecedented Mourning for El Volo Singers: A Disaster

“Always With Me”, The Unprecedented Mourning for El Volo Singers: A Disaster

The black bow of the “Il Volo” singer. The three boys devastated by the loss “always with us” confirm with tears.

Mourning the Flight – Nanopress.it

There was nothing that could be done, a sudden illness She snatched the most important character from the “Il Volo” singer. It is Ignatius who speaks and remembers him, and declares that he is not dead, but on the contrary, always with himbeside him.

A terrible mourning occurred shortly before San Remo, which suddenly caught fire major supporter Ignazio, always present along with his son on the long journey of his brilliant career.

Boschetto’s companions have Honoring The loss during the performance at the Sanremo Theater without detracting from the memory of Ennio Morricone.

The news of mourning was reported without any indiscretion

In fact, Ignazio Boschetto was particularly anxious to remember a victim terrible accident Keep silent even on social networks. Maximum loss estimation.

Ignazio Boschetto's father
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Ignazio himself, several days later, posted on Instagram, on the official page of Il Volo He remembers his father fondlypartly sharing his grief and comrades with fans, leading to a beautiful ending to the performance San Remo 2021.

They remember him, in fact, as a partner in their adventures, so much so that Vito himself has moved to a city Bologna To be close to his son and son career path career path Who was getting better.

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It is precisely in this city Leave an insurmountable void For the three talents of Il Volo, who wanted to remember Vito’s death while honoring Italy’s most beloved festival.

A very close family, whose origins were born in Sicily, in Marsala. Sadness has already conquered hearts sister By Ignazio and Nina and by mother and wifeKatrina Licari.

But what happened to Ignatius’ father?

It is believed that Vito Bushetto is healthy, in fact, the reason for its deficiency is due to a sudden illness. Ignatius and his family reasonably preferred to keep it Maximum privacy towards the father.

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