Wilde Lucarelli is upset about the baby crying (for hours) on the plane: here are her words

Wilde Lucarelli is upset about the baby crying (for hours) on the plane: here are her words

He can’t find peace even on the plane Wild Lucarelli Which fly to Doha after the final Dancing with the stars to reach his goal, KathmanduI came across a Moment Particularly annoying. “The trip to Doha-Kathmandu stirs emotions,” writes Selvagia, framing the friend Lorenzo Biagiarelli from behind. The trip hurdle for Judge Palando is a child A newborn who burst into tears from the first moment on board and throughout the flight. “I express optimism,” he asserts. Wild Lucarelli, hoping that I would not hear the baby’s crying and screaming throughout the flight. But the situation does not seem to have calmed down.

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Selvagia Lucarelli’s Complicated Journey: What Happened

He says: “Three hours later …” Wild LucarelliShe recovers as she rolls her eyes, upset at the situation. “Five hours later…” he writes again after a while. Finally, they’re off to a stopover in Doha and off again towards Nepal. “The airport is beautiful and also this corner for the kids, which is now anyway hate everyone Indiscriminate » pricks Selvagia. He will be able to breathe and relax, only on the next flight to Kathmandu, which is full of Nepalese.


Selvaggia is willing to give up issuance dance, which concluded last Saturday, which was certainly the most controversial of all. She was one of the main characters. After the long revelations of yesterday’s outburst, Selvaggia Lucarelli chose a change of scenery, and set off for a ride with his partner Lorenzo Biagiarelli. The jury in Palando posted on Instagram a story showing the screen of Milan Malpensa’s trip to Doha, but ironically specified: “Doha is only a stopover, I swear.” And again, in the next one with Lorenzo’s photo where the destination can be seen on the screen: Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

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