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What to do on the weekend in Udine and its surroundings, 25, 26, 27 November 2022

Conferences, concerts, meetings and presentations. And above all, the magic of Christmas, which is approaching. The weekend, as always, is eventful for Friulians. One final weekend of shopping, due to align with Black Fridaybut also (and above all we add) with the recurrence of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Actually, there are many more events Designed by municipal administrations or local associations to say, once again, “No to violence against women”. But another day to mark on the calendar, this time the 26th, is dedicated to a disease with 300,000 cases in Italy that must be given the utmost attention. Let’s talk about Parkinson’s Disease And to remember the patients and their families, Udine will perform at a conference attended by professionals and health professionals.

Returning to the Christmas atmosphere, it is impossible not to mention the quintessential exhibition dedicated to this period. On Friday the 25th, in fact, it opens at the Exhibition Center in Udine and Gorizia Fieri in Martiniaco “ideaAnd staying on the theme of the festivities, even if it’s not directly related to Christmas, booths Saint Catherinethe eagerly awaited historic date that for Udinese and Friulians represents the true countdown to the end of the year-end festivities.


Then big events await in Udinese, but not only, this weekend. Tony HadleyThe former Spandau Ballet has, in fact, decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its career in Udine with a great concert that will take place this Sunday at the Teatro Novo Giovanni da Udine. And it is still the “theatre” of the city that will host, this time on Saturday, a concert “The suns of Europe!Minority Language Arts Festival.
Finally, the young champions of Fagagna for another date organized by SimulArte within the “Music for all” project. In Vittoria’s room this time the young and talented pianist will be a guest Alessandro Del Gobo

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Festivals and tastings

Scrolling through the typical weekly rendezvous of what to do over the weekend in Udine and its surroundings, there is no shortage of opportunities to party. It happens for example a Vinzone with returnPurcit in staiare“, but also Paularo, are also committed to the “sanctification” of the pig and all the delicacies associated with it. Also party in Torsa di Businya As Albini celebrates the 55th anniversary of the founding of the local group. Finally, the whole day is devoted to the wine organized for Sunday in the evocative location of the Castel Canusio in Cividale del Friuli for “History cups“.

dating and art

There is no shortage of weekends Acquaintance. Like that organization in Rosazzo Monastery where the book “Silk windBy travel writer Daniel Ventola. Sincere Pasolini and Toroldo Then is the documentary that will be shown this Saturday in Sedegliano with the musical introduction by Domenico Clapasson.

For all art lovers then, it is not to be missed, as well as many Exhibitions Appointments are in progress Antonio Canova On the bicentenary of the death of the great sculptor. Of industrial archeology, but above all of the future, in Villa Chiozza di Cervignano we speak of the famous Amideria Chiusa. Here the municipal administration and planners organized a conference dedicated to the site steeped in history.

Finally, but certainly not in order of importance, this weekend is the beginning of the rich program ofpure adventwhere the magic of Christmas welcomes tourists every weekend until December 18th by immersing them in the fairytale nature of Valbrona among the walking trails and rich schedule of the apartments.

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