Verona goes for a coffee at the bar and posts the receipt, but it’s not the price that causes so much fuss

Verona goes for a coffee at the bar and posts the receipt, but it’s not the price that causes so much fuss

A highly controversial image appears on every receipt from a bar in the province of Verona. Someone posted the photo on the Internet and controversy immediately arose. Let’s see what the law says about this.

And now we can say that: Summer really ends. The autumn solstice will happen on September 21st, and for warm-season fans, there’s just over two weeks left. It was a summer marked by many controversies. Certainly one of the most written and spoken words by the media has been ‘receipt’. Never before have hundreds of reports of additions surfaced on social media, as they did in 2023, leaving many speechless. At Eccellenze Meridionali, we have reported many cases of this kind, the most recent of which was the case of some take-out pizzas.

We can say that it all started with two interesting cases: The first major controversy arose around them To cut the toast in half. In fact, the pub charged an extra €2 for splitting the toast in half (and serving another plate). Almost the same thing in a restaurant: a woman saw an extra €2 showing up on the receipt because she had asked for it A bowl so her daughter can taste her cup of pesto. Today we have collected a report from the province of Verona, on a receipt that does not show shock prices, but differs in adding a controversial image at the top of the receipt.

Verona, nostalgic bar receipt

Yes, because a coffee in a bar in Verona costs €1.20. After the uncontrolled increase in inflation, the price in many bars in Italy rose from 1 euro to 1.20 euro (in extreme cases even 1.50 euro), so there is nothing abnormal. The innkeepers’ political preferences are causing a stir. Someone, in fact, is Nostalgia for the darkest twenty years of modern Italian history. Indeed, he inserted into the receipt the face of a person (not even worth mentioning) whom no free-thinker would appreciate, because he was a dictator, and therefore an enemy of liberty.

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One of the bars in the province of Verona still shows the face of an Italian dictator. Source: food.oooo – Instagram

There really isn’t much to add. Let’s not go into the merits of whether or not this receipt is legal (in Italy there is the crime of apologizing for fascism), but knowing that in 2023 there is still The people’s nostalgia for the dictator is objectively sad. We sincerely hope that, after social reports, the respective pub in the province of Verona will delete this face from its receipts. It is a dark page in the history of our country and he should be forgotten by all because of the disgraceful laws he passed and an alliance with a German dictator, if possible, worse than he.

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