Elon Musk fires 10% of Tesla employees: Sharp recession on the way

Elon Musk fires 10% of Tesla employees: Sharp recession on the way

Elon Musk speaking at the Qatar Economic Forum

The news is not entirely new: The CEO had anticipated the topic earlier this monthTalking about “feeling so bad“Related to the US and world economy, which crushed inflation And the suspicion social and politicalTo which is added the dramatic crisis generated from the epidemic. The layoffs There will be, as Musk emphasizes during the Bloomberg Qatar Economic Forum, and will cover 10% of the workforce of Tesla over three months. In particular, the cut will only affect employees.

The Appointments are blocked for a while now – Despite the imminent launch of Master Plan 3 – Now the number of employees has been reduced: “There’s a hurricane coming thereJamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, said the Biden administration itself has not denied that a recession could hit the US economy sooner or later. And the only solution, for Musk, would be Increasing the number of hourly wage workers: a method he says is more flexible than the monthly salary.

During the discussion, there was also time to make other words: Powered by Dogecoin, whose “sponsorship” cost Musk a $258 billion lawsuit, even Twitter. “We are still waitingCEO said. The question is consistent about bots and spam of course, but also about the takeover of the social platform debt.

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