All the benefits you need to know

All the benefits you need to know

People who got at least one Flu vaccine is 40% less likely to cause illness Alzheimer's disease During the first four years of his term.

It is a summary of a study University of Houston.

Led search Avram S. Bukhbandar I Paul I. SchultzThe risks of developing this neurological disease were compared between patients who had or had not received a previous vaccination against the virus fluknown as influenza.

Participants, residents of the United States, were age 65 or older.

This study was conducted two years after the researchers discoveredPossible link” between the influenza vaccine and a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease.

In SpainAccording to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), More than 800,000 people have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's if vaccinated annually

It is the leading cause of dementia and “the disease that causes the greatest disability in the elderly” in our country. The prevalence of this dementia increases “significantly” from the age of 65 years.

As explained by Buchbender, Ph.D Massachusetts General Hospital (United State)

  • “This power The protective effect increases with the number of years That the person received the annual influenza vaccine.”

  • “In other words, The incidence of Alzheimer's disease was lower among those who received the flu vaccine continuously every year“,.

A woman gets vaccinated during the start of the influenza vaccination campaign Robert Solsona – Europe Press

A study that included 2 million patients

Over the four years this study has been conducted, this has been discovered 5.1% Of patients vaccinated against influenza (an infection that causes more than 170,000 people to be hospitalized in that country) Alzheimer's disease may develop.

Alzheimer's disease affects more than six million people in the world United State. As this study confirms, the number of patients continues to increase due to the aging of the population.

On the contrary, 8.5% of patients Which was not managed No dosefrom a secret Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease During the follow-up of this investigation.

Nearly two million Americans participated in the world-leading research.

Therefore, experts emphasize that “Strong protective effect of influenza vaccineAnd also against disease Alzheimer's disease“.

And as he points out Paul I. Schultz.

  • “Because there is evidence of that Several cows may protect against Alzheimer's disease“We believe it is not a specific effect of the influenza vaccine.”

Other studies, the authors assert, “revealed a reduction in the risk of dementia associated with previous exposure to other cows such as those administered tetanus, poliomyelitis And the Herpes“.

Influenza vaccination campaign 2023 Freebec

Alzheimer's disease: symptoms and treatment

More than 40,000 cases are diagnosed each yearNew cases of Alzheimer's in Spain. The first symptoms and signs that should alert us are:

  • memory loss.

  • Mood swings and even depression.

  • Language problems.

  • Visual or spatial difficulties.

According to experts, these symptoms appear in a gradual and gradual manner. Development can continue between 5 to 15 years.

the Spanish Society of Neurology predicts this Between 30 and 40% of Alzheimer's cases go undiagnosed. This situation prevents early initiation of disease-specific drug therapy.

naturally, The medications available today “only succeed in slowing down.” Symptoms develop. So, “Its attractiveness is not reduced Cognitive function is not restored.”

But can it be avoided?

the doctor Juan Fortea He confirms that “it is estimated that half of the cases of Alzheimer’s disease can be attributed to ninePotentially modifiable risk factors“.

Risk factors, according to a neurologist who specializes in neurodegenerative diseases, are:

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