The science behind the Christmas movies

The science behind the Christmas movies

She is an attacking businesswoman who hates Nataland at a stressful job, usually an obnoxious and absent boyfriend. He, a lumberjack/restaurateur/ski instructor Well-intentioned and a little naive Who believes in the magic of the holidays.

You come home for the holidays and—surprise, surprise— Rediscover love And festive cheer.

If it looks like a piece of land seen and reviewed, that’s because it’s exactly what it is: A very high percentage of Christmas movies (such as those of the famous American broadcaster Hallmark), in fact, antiquities exactly This plot. There are so many Christmas movies based on rediscovering the roots and triumph of true love that it’s probably impossible to see them all, not least (even if there are variations on the theme) Falling at Christmasthe movie Netflix that marked Lindsay Lohan is back on the scene.

If these films were so widely circulated, though we don’t want to admit it, they were appreciated as somewhat secretive. The guilty pleasure of the holidaysThere’s a reason. And that Science explains why: While certainly a cliché, the comeback trope may actually be based on a kernel of truth. – confirmed the sociologist viren swami Top Conversation – Psychologists have long known that intimacy is the powerful spark of attraction and romance. Contrary to the common sense idea that familiarity breeds contempt, the knowledge Actually generates attraction. Even according to some Will be Could The simplest principles of gravity.

Already dated In 1992, a study showed how familiar faces are Not only do we like them better, however they have Also Most likely make us smile. The reason is related to the fact that Our brains process familiar stimuli more easily And this fluidity, as neuroscientists define it, is experienced in a positive way.

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But evolutionary factors also come into play to make things look familiar in a rosy light: in the face of novelty, in fact, it’s easy to try Feelings of uncertainty and distrustwhile we are more inclined to perceive what we already know as harmless and reliable.

“So – continues the studio – the heroine of the Christmas movie returns to the town where she grew up and familiarity favors cuteness, fueled by the feelings of comfort and safety generated by the feeling of familiarity.” bingo.

If it still doesn’t seem enough to be believed The magic of Christmas homecoming Swami cites two other studies Which confirms the direct link between familiarity and attraction.

One made by Swami himself, whom he calls Experimental map of the beauty of London: to me 400 participants In each of the 33 boroughs of London They were asked to rate how attractive the people in each area were, as well as rate how familiar they were with each area. Not only did the rich people think they were more attractive – which could also explain why all the naive villagers gave up in front of the rich girl in town – but Those who received the highest praise were residents of the areas the interviewees knew best.

even one The study conducted in the Netherlands It focuses on the effects of geography on partner selection, and it showed Participants preferred partners from their own villagewho were more knowledgeable and had similar knowledge coming from sharing an education in the same neighborhood.

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Thus, sharing a common past and background would be a means of attraction and another explanation for why Cupid’s arrow systematically strikes those who return to the context in which they were raised, even if only for a short time, and enter into contact with people who are part and emanations of that context.


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