“Night of European Scholars”: Young Children Teach Jesus

“Night of European Scholars”: Young Children Teach Jesus

Little explorers discover the wonders of science through experiments, guided tours, and meetings with researchers for children and teens. Also this year, on the occasion of science week (September 24 – October 1) and Night of European Researchers (September 30), in . format Science Frascati and promote it European CommissionBambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital has organized many activities aimed at children to make them discover while enjoying the mysteries of scientific research.

Baby Jesus Initiatives

On September 27 and 28 thanks to the initiative “What does a researcher do?”The pupils of the first and second-class educational institutions in Ciampino and Rome, who have joined the initiative, will have the opportunity to visit the research laboratories to discover the tools used by researchers and to learn about the activities carried out within the spaces dedicated to scientific research.

On September 29 and 30, it will be the children’s turn at the hospital. with “Journey into the skeleton!” The playrooms at the Giannicolo and Palidoro sites will be converted into a science laboratory. The researchers will engage children and young adults in games, experiments, and microscopic observations, to help them learn about the skeleton. Experts from RIS, from Carabinieri of Rome, with “Sherlock Holmes, on the trail of a crook!” Instead, they’ll let the little ones experience the thrill of a crime scene inspection: from checking fingerprints to collecting evidence. At the end of the investigation, all participants will receive a nice investigator certificate.

Finally, on September 30th at 2.30pm, an open date for everyone via Facebook Live The science of rare diseases: an example of more than a thousand metabolic diseases. On the social profiles of OMaR And on the official channels of the Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital, to discuss the topic of research in the field of rare diseases. The meeting will be attended by the hospital’s Chief of Metabolic Diseases, Dr. Carlo Dionissi Vesi, along with some members of his research unit team, Life is a Gift, CblC Onlus Association, and Dr. Paolo Corniglia, Scientist. Giving Director of the Nave Italia Foundation.

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European Science and Researchers Week at night

Science Week and European Researchers Night are two events promoted by the European Commission Since 2005 it includes initiatives in all EU countries. Italy participates in several projects, including #LEAF: The Wellness of the Future of the NetworkTake care of the future of the planet, coordinated by the association Science Frascati, to which more than 60 bodies and institutions are committed, including the Children’s Hospital of the Holy See. The goal is to bring the science and experience of researchers among the citizens, with the aim of cooperation and mutual exchange.

baby jesus and search

baby jesus is Europe’s leading hospital and research center, associated with the main international centers of the sector. Clinical activity is surrounded by extensive research aimed at improving patient care, as well as by trying new treatments. In 2021 Scientific Publications There were 1,365, an increase of 46% compared to 2020. Also in 2021, there were 393 research projects and 618 Clinical studiesnational and international.

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