Cosenza. On January 7, the Magnus Aureus Award for Excellence in Science and Culture with actor Totò Cascio

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Preparations are in full swing for the first edition of the Magnus Aureus Prize, created by the Totò Morgana Foundation, with the aim of rewarding outstanding personalities who have distinguished themselves over the years in the fields of science and culture.

The Totò Morgana Foundation was founded in 2016 and mainly targets men between the ages of 15 and 35, deals with solidarity and prevention of diseases of the urological system, offering information and free visits to all those who cannot afford a specialized service.

announce< العام الجديد للمؤسسة بألعاب نارية >> With enthusiasm Marco Serao, President of the Foundation. A gesture to start the year with awareness of the important activities carried out in the past year, but above all with the desire to be able to carry out more.

A real bet is expected, even if the boss leaves no indiscretions on the winners. The event will take place on Saturday 7 January 18 in the splendid location of Villa Rendano in Cosenza, with the management of Rossella Galati, well-known journalist.

Special guest Toto Cassio, protagonist as a child of the Oscar-winning Nuovo Cinema Paradiso and recent autobiographical hit The glory and the test, in which he recounts the “glory” of cinema and the “test” that must be faced in reference to retinitis pigmentosa, It is a disease that afflicts him.

From cinema to fashion with an exclusive fashion show of fashion designer Claudio Greco’s best collections.

Hindu proverb says:< الأرض تنتج الحبوب. لكن الإنسان ينتج حلم القمح ، وهو الحلم الذي يسمح للأشياء بأن تتحقق >>.
This is the Magnus Aureus Prize, the Spiga d’Oro Prize.

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