Campos' funeral on TVE

Campos' funeral on TVE

There are no references to what the deceased believes in the funerals held by the living. There are even fewer obituaries in the TV show version. a TVE They have just organized a Mass in memory of María Teresa Campos, and this program appears to have been presented to them Tele 5But the empire Mediaset He didn't want that.

Among those who attended TVE's funeral, emotionally, there was much emotion among the immediate relatives of the deceased. His daughter Tirillo, who was the emcee, his other daughter Carmen, his granddaughters…as well as some of the attendees, looked visibly sad and upset. In other cases, it was noted that instead of clearly expressing pain, they were looking for a role. Steal a photo, give a flashy headline, get attention and get a TV show. More than the testimonials of TV industry representatives, and even politicians, I was interested in the moments Campos herself selected from her extensive career. To know her is to hear what she said. In 1989 on the program ¿Pero esto qué es? They asked her what is more important for a woman: to be free, to be a mother, or to be a good professional? She replied, “To be a free woman. To be free is when you can be all the other things.” In the 3×4 program, she recalled how some people received her in Madrid: “A woman comes from the provinces, arrives in Madrid, in a high administrative position, and what has she come to do? She will have something to do.” With the director. Okey, no! In this line of biased scoundrels, Pilar del Río, José Saramago's widow, warned: “It was not easy for her. In Madrid, the groups are already over. And the pressure groups.” Oh! Our trade halls. This would be a very interesting program, although no network would dare to air it.

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“Heaven can wait”

It remains a mystery what the deceased must have thought about this funeral dedicated to her on TVE. We know what he thought about another person who took office in 2020, A.J Movistar+Titled El cielo puede esperar. There Campos witnessed the funeral of her life. He laughed a lot. The keynote and most emotional speaker was Mustache Arrocet. Campos, excited, was blowing him kisses. “He's the only one who's more than just a friend,” she said emotionally. Today, at this Mass of 2024, Bigote Arrocet is not present. It may not have been well received. “Cómo han pasado los años. Las vueltas que da la vida,” says his favorite bolero.

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