Ferrovial raised its profits in 2023 to 460 million

Ferrovial raised its profits in 2023 to 460 million

Ferrovial is working to improve its results in 2023. The Spanish infrastructure company closed last year with revenues of 8,514 million euros, up 13.2% from 2022. It also improved its overall adjusted operating results by 40%, to 991 million euros, and its net profit by 147%. % to reach 460 million.

The construction division is still the one that generates the most sales for the company headed by Rafael Del Pino, with a value of 7.07 billion euros, almost 10% more than in 2022. These good numbers are due to the “positive” results of Budimex, its company Polish. The construction subsidiary and the “good behavior” of the Spanish division. The sector that improves its income the most is the highway sector, which over the past year achieved an income of 1,085 million euros, an increase of 42% over the previous year. Most of this business, 83%, comes from the United States. The Airports division saw traffic growth across all its assets: Heathrow (London) received 79.2 million passengers, the third highest number in its history, while traffic at AGS improved by 13.5% and Dalaman by 15.5%.

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