Work begins on two new Girocleta stations

Work begins on two new Girocleta stations

Work begins on two new Girocleta stationsMark Marty

Girona City Council has begun the installation of two new Giroslita stations. One will be located in Fontajau and the other in Domeny and should serve to further expand and enhance the use of this public and sustainable vehicle in the city. The first is located on the Xavier Cugat promenadeNext to Fontajau Pavilion. the second It is located at the intersection of Font de la Teula and Roberto Bolaños Ávalos Streets.

It is also planned to develop Santa Eugenia (Next to Tren Dolot roundabout), Al Carrer de la Cru (Next to Països Catalans roundabout and UdG Faculty of Health) i To Pont Major (Near Aurora Bridge). When they are all in place, so will the city Already 35 stations. Just yesterday, two electric trucks that will be used to transport vehicles wherever were shown were revealed to be nearing completion.

More bikes and more employees

The goal is that “in addition to installing new stations”, it is ensured that “there will always be bicycles available at all points”, explained the environmental and urban transformation consultant, Cristina Andreu, who presented the two new gyro-distribution trucks accompanied by the coexistence and security consultant Silvia Aliu. In addition, work is currently underway to expand the gyroelectric staff. Currently, the Gyrocleta, run by Talaat Moustafa Group, has 300 mobility bikes, although another 250 have been purchased and arriving these days.. The idea is to have between 400 and 450 parts on the go and keep the rest as spare parts for when you need them. repairs

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In underground parking

Regarding the promotion of cycling, City Council “I will test” Parking possibilities, as other cities already do. The city council has taken back management of two parking lots that had been under concession due to problems with the donor company. There are those boxes Miquel de Ballol, Prudence Bertrana and the person on the carriage, Emilie Grahet. Here, besides a total of seventeen car loading points, bicycle parking can be located.

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