They released 14 women who were forced into prostitution or work up to 15 hours a day

They released 14 women who were forced into prostitution or work up to 15 hours a day

The Mossos d'Esquadra and the Spanish police did this 14 women forced into prostitution were released Or working up to 15 hours a day and living in apartments in inhumane conditions. A month ago, police arrested eight people on charges of crimes of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and against workers' rights, crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, and belonging to a criminal group.

Searches were conducted in the apartments Barcelona, ​​Calafell, Salou, Capriles and Castel Platja d'AroThe six houses where the victims were sexually exploited were closed. Quantities of narcotic substances worth 20,000 euros were also seized, in addition to jewelry and various documents, in the homes that were investigated. In addition, seven illegal brothels were dismantled.

Subhuman conditions

The investigation was able to prove the existence of one Criminal organizationLed by a woman and a man who run the dismantled brothels. The women who were brought from Latin American countries and practiced prostitution lived in the same houses in which they were exploited, piled on mattresses in the basement, without natural light, and were exposed to violence. Sub-human conditions Poor working conditions were imposed on them.

In addition, the organization was responsible for one Underground call centerFour victims worked as telephone operators between 12 and 15 hours a day, seven days a week. They received a salary of 1,000 euros, enjoyed only one free hour a day and had no gas or hot water, in addition to receiving threats and harassment from officials in the organization.

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