With this deception they take everything from you –

With this deception they take everything from you –

Messaging apps have continued to dominate over the years: among the most famous are undoubtedly WhatsApp and Telegram, which now have millions upon millions of users around the world.

With the advent of cell phones and especially in the recent years of smartphones, unfortunately, online fraud attempts are becoming more and more frequent, often using messaging applications, which we told you about a few weeks ago and which we must be very aware of.

One of the newest methods of fraud, in this case, is the frauda variable (if we want to call it that) of phishing.

This special technology consists inSend an SMS (Unlike phishing that uses WhatsApp or email boxes), Through which a potential fraudster can obtain sensitive data of the victim.

Only in the past few days a Greece Tower (in the province of Naples) the local police station, in cooperation with Postal and Communications Police Departmentfind out Four men carrying computers and other electronic devices, Able to use these phishing tactics, which are immediately blocked and searched by police officers. The four were immediately reported for computer fraud, due to the scams that have occurred in the past few months.

How does email fraud work?

The victim in particular receives an SMS containing a Text inviting you to click an attached link. They often consist of fake communications from your personal bank, as well as winning a contest that doesn’t really exist. The miserable person on the service (mostly people who are unfamiliar with technology, and who know little about these scams), clicks on the link in question, thus opening a fake site.

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The user will then enter his own data Personal Data (which may be personal data respectively, in addition to that relating to your credit or debit card), and thus accurately transmit all such personal information to the fraudster. The fraudster at that point has the possibility to use the identity of the miserable person on duty for personal purposes, as well as to purchase online and in physical stores using his credit card details.

smishing 2 webroot

Based on what he suggests police stationYou should always make sure of the credibility and reliability of the websites that are reported under these fake SMS, because the risk is really high. Banks and other companies rarely send important communications to their customers via SMS, so always be careful in this regard if this happens.

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