Alina Seredova about the wedding. And Fressimo unlocks Buffon

Alina Seredova about the wedding.  And Fressimo unlocks Buffon

Gorgeous, so sweet and ridiculous: Alina Seredova She found her smile again after difficult months, thanks to her partner Alessandro Naci, with whom she has been engaged since 2015. A guest in the living room at very rightThe beautiful Czech model shared the excitement of the tender marriage proposal she received this summer, and even unbuttoned herself. About her ex-husband Gigi Buffon.

Alina Seredova, preparations for the wedding

Alena Seredova entered the studio with a wonderful smile very rightAnd the Silvia Tovanen warmly welcomes and her audience. He couldn’t be happier than that: It’s a golden moment for her, culminating just a few weeks ago with what turned out to be Very sweet marriage proposal And a little funny too. Surely, Alina did not expect it at all, so much so that it took several minutes to understand why her boyfriend was kneeling on the floor, while she was in a hurry and He was afraid to be late to an important date.

When Alessandro Nasi gave it to her Gorgeous ringSeredova could only answer “yes”: Soon you will get married, also surprised that they agreed to take the initiative. “I was convinced I didn’t care, but maybe I wasn’t completely convinced then” – she explained to very right – “I didn’t expect it, maybe I didn’t believe it anymore and didn’t give importance to something I already knew might not go well. But He just asked me to marry himMy vision immediately changed.”

Having “absorbed” that he will soon announce the fateful yes (again), Alina started preparing for the wedding. But she, apparently, is still on the high seas: “At the moment, the only sure thing is her husband” – she admitted with great irony – “We want to have fun, at our age marriage is more symbolic. I want to have a party that will remain in my heart leaves I have great memories.” In terms of details, he has a few very clear thoughts: “We’re going to get married in Italy. I’d like it in the south, where it’s really hot. A weekend with friends and family.” No date set yetbut we are definitely talking about the summer of 2023.

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Alina Seredova, “Her Extended Family”

today, Alina Seredova is happy and in loveWith a bright outlook on the future. But she had a really hard time when she broke up with her Ex-husband Gianluigi Buffon (Which, shortly after, came out with his newfound Ilaria D’Amico). Together they had two wonderful children, Louis Thomas and David Lee, and it was precisely for them that they maintained a relationship: “We don’t hang outBecause it doesn’t belong to me. But I never made a scene, for me the broken glass is broken. This does not mean that it cannot have a civil relationship, ”- said the Czech model.

Then, when she met Alessandro Naci, Alina collected her life pieces and She gave herself a second chance to be happy. “I don’t like the expression extended family” – except that he revealed – “I just call it family. It works, it’s great. I was so afraid of Vivian’s arrival, but instead he struck a balance.” In 2020, she and her boyfriend Say hello to an adorable little girl with open armsHe soon became the center of attention for his older brothers. And together they make up a beautiful picture, which – perhaps – It will still be able to host another member. But before the wedding, there is time for the rest.

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