“The audience will be afraid to see me.”

“The audience will be afraid to see me.”

Giancarlo Magalli has been a regular presence in Italian homes for years thanks to various rai programmes. We haven’t seen him on the small screen for some time due to a debilitating illness. Let’s see what happened.

Giancarlo Magali He is a popular and historical opinion broadcaster, especially known for the show “your facts”. In his career, he has been at the head of several television formats, including the historical programme “Noon with the family”Where it has now been replaced.

It was the choice to leave the program Magalli himself, who decided to try his hand at a new TV experimentAnd the It ended in the worst way. The program did not go as they had hoped and was removed from the TV schedule.

Fail added to failure serious health problem Which forces him to stay at home. Despite the illness, Magalli could have covered the role of narrator for ‘Il Collegio’, but Ray decided to replace him with Nino Frasica.

In short, it is not an easy period for the beloved presenter, neither from a personal point of view, nor from a business point of view.

Giancarlo Magali

Giancarlo Magali talks about his illness

back to his illness, Giancarlo He explained in detail what happened to him, explaining it The public will be afraid to see him in the conditions he is currently living in.

The signs of the disease are still visible on my face and body – says Magali. In recent months they often called me offering me guests, but I always refused the invitation. In my opinion, viewers will be dazzled by seeing me skinny and cumbersome.”concludes the conductor.

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Fortunately, Magalli is helped by his daughters and ex-wives who give him their support and love every day. The host admitted that he is a “lucky guy” and thanks to them he will be able to overcome this delicate moment in his life and career.

“They didn’t leave me for a moment – admits –Alternate in the hospital day and night. We knew we loved each other, but my bad adventure Emphasize the strength of the bond that unites us.

Giancarlo Magali

Regarding Ray’s decision to replace him with Nino Frasica for “The College‘, Magalli seems really disappointed and doesn’t hold back on saying that. He expressed his opposition without redressuseful: “It wasn’t my choice, it’s the thousandth choice of rai that took away everything I had. But among some of the choices, I see that they have already repented…”.

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