Now he will be with my wife, Lucia, who died three days ago

Now he will be with my wife, Lucia, who died three days ago

Lino Banfi also went to Campioglio as many pay their last respects to Maurizio Costanzo. The actor wanted to connect this disappearance with the disappearance of his wife, Lucia.

Lino Banfi at the funeral home of Maurizio Costanzo (La Presse)

Lino Banfi arrived in Campidoglio in the afternoonWhere the burial chamber of the journalist and TV presenter Maurizio Costanzo, who died yesterday at the age of 84, was held. The actor Apulian has just returned from another mourning: a few days before, in fact, his wife Lucia had died, and it was precisely this grief that linked Banfi to the disappearance of Costanzo, trying, even in front of journalists, to maintain a certain amount of mystery, recalling with affection Costanzo and an old sketch Them talks about death and dates back to the 90s: “In the 90s we made a video in which we invented a sketch in which we pretended to be old and he made the joke: ‘Lino, you will die by me because you are two years older’ and I would answer: ‘And who said that? “We talked about other peers like Bodo and others.

At that point, the actor who made himself in recent years A place in the hearts of Italians who plays Nuno Libero in the series “Doctor in the Family” linked Costanzo’s disappearance to that of his wife: “What a strange fate: these days my wife died too, and her parents were there at a funeral the day before. Yesterday and I’m joking – always in The beginning, because in these cases it is the best thing, otherwise we are all always weeping – you can see they died about the same time, Maurizio and my wife, said I, and Maurizio with a courage that must have distinguished him said: “Lucia is after you”. And he put my wife through it first, while he did it two days later. And so we say goodbye, they will be together now.

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Lino Banfi’s wife, Lucia Zagaria, disappeared on February 22. The woman had Alzheimer’s disease, as her daughter Rosanna repeated over and over again, and she was also the protagonist a few weeks before on Dancing with the Stars, who gave the news of the disappearance: “Hi Mami, now you’re like this again. Have a good trip.” In an interview with Verissimo, he explained: “For several years now, my mom has been unwell and always feels the need for dad near her. She always looks for him and that comes before anything else, before anything else: health and family union”. During the funeral that took place two days ago, the actor said: “How many people, I see that my wife is more famous than me, it means that we have planted well. With my wife I have always said that we built well, with good materials and built this stainless and anti-seismic house And the antidote, but I didn’t expect it to become so strong. Now for me, it’s overtime and then penalties.

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