The universe, time according to modern science explained by Professor Tonelli

The universe, time according to modern science explained by Professor Tonelli
“About Time, Between Κρόνος and Καιρός,” is the title of a conversation that Professor Guido Tonelli, already a Student Cosmos Prize Winner, had with high school students in Reggio Calabria, in the Aula Magna “Quistelli” region of the Mediterranean University. One of the many outstanding moments of confrontation and debate these days is seeing the metropolitan area of ​​Reggio Calabria as a hero thanks to the Cosmos Festival on themes of science, culture and society. The initiative was also attended by Acting Metropolitan Mayor Carmelo Versace, Professor Gianfranco Bertone, Member of the Scientific Committee, Professor Marilo Ciofalo, Professor of Matter Physics at the University of Pisa, Professor Andrea Ferrara, astrophysicist at the Scuola Normale di Pisa, acclaimed Professor of Sciences, Patricia Angelavia Messi and Professor Director of the Pythagorean Planetarium.

Κρόνος for the ancients is the time that devours everything, while αιρός is the fundamental and without depth moment in which the occasions that can change an entire life occur. Thus Professor Tonelli explained to the attentive and diverse audience of Reggio students the basic concepts that moved the initiative. A day of discussion on the concept of time in its oldest philosophical sense but above all on the idea of ​​time according to contemporary physics. Concepts and insights associated with the latest studies and the latest research, such as making even the most imaginative science fiction stories dull. “Time, according to modern science – which Tonelli emphasized – is in union with space, a material substance that occupies the entire universe. It is one of the two basic components of the universe, along with mass and energy. Like the latter, it is capable of vibrating and oscillation and containing energy also according to the knowledge we have acquired in the past 100 years.It is important and useful to talk about these things with young people because they have more flexible minds that allow them to understand and better understand the new concepts developed by contemporary science early on.It is a pleasure to be here in Reggio Calabria where I found an environment full of passion for knowledge, At university, at the astronomical observatory and in the school world. I met colleagues full of enthusiasm and eagerness to embark on new challenges and young people who dreamed of trying their hand at these paths for themselves.”

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Another great day of engagement and culture for the Cosmos Festival, “Quistelli’s huge audience once again demonstrates the exceptional value that our youth fabric has. It is no surprise that our students have always been among the best nationally, which is a clear testament to the excellent work that this school and community do. The academician, along with research centers, for years. Moments like this today, where young people have a valuable opportunity for dialogue with a world-class excellence such as Professor Tonelli, forms the basis of the work on which we, as an urban body, intend to move forward. It turns out that Cosmos is becoming more and more a successful and attractive project that can aspire to greater results and goals. Thank you to all those, including outstanding teachers, experts and researchers, who have recently come to Reggio Calabria from every corner of the world to offer knowledge and new visions for the future.”

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