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Alice Mil It is a well known service from E-mail which are provided by TIM and are often linked to other operator services, such as their ADSL.

Many users in Italy use this email, but in some cases they encounter problems, for example with the correct configuration of the program to manage it. Below we will try to provide helpful suggestions for solving some of the most common and frequently occurring problems.

How to solve the most common problems you encounter with Alice Mail

There are many guides on the internet about How to solve problems with Alice Mill The option to contact TIM Support via phone or other company-provided channels should never be ruled out in the event of critical matters being encountered.

However, in many cases, as we shall see shortly, I Most common problems, which prevents us from getting the most out of Alice Mil, can be easily solved in complete independence, even if you are not a tech savvy.

Problems accessing Alice Mail

Probably The most common problem That many users encounter are precisely those ofAccess to your email box. The first step to take in these cases will be to validate your data and the link we are trying to access.

If the problem is that we do not remember our email address (which in this case also acts as a username) or our password, we can recover it using a simple wizard, which can be carried out independently online. On the login web page, we will have to click on the link of our interest between username recovery or password recovery and then proceed with entering the required data.

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In addition to Alice Mail credentials You can also retrieve those for the and boxes the same way and from the same page. In the event that we are not able to recover the data that we forgot through the online procedure, we can contact the help for personal support.

Once the data is retrieved, remember to save it in a safe place and update it frequently to avoid future access issues.

Mail client configuration problems

If we know and remember our credentials and from the web, we won’t have problems, but we are unable to sign in via prospectsAnd Thunderbird Or other similar software, or we can only receive or send mail, we will have to modify Parametric IMAP or POP Which in all probability is incorrect.

Alice Mail uses the following parameters to send and receive mail:

  • Username: postal address [email protected]
  • POP incoming mail server: Alice
  • IMAP incoming mail server: Alice
  • POP porta server: 110
  • IMAP server port: 143
  • SMTP outgoing mail server: Alice
  • Porta del server SMTP: 587
  • Outgoing mail authentication (SMTP): it is necessary

These settings will be set in the configuration tab of our mail client, for example Outlook. Paying attention to these parameters may also vary over time, so if you encounter sudden problems, check them out on the TIM website, which is the most recent trusted source in this regard.

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